Just look at that desk. Where are you going to put all of those dismantled 1990’s sit-com action figure parts? Jennifer Aniston would be ashamed. I know what you’re thinking though–No ordinary storage box will do. You need a special type of storage box worthy of iconic plastic leg and arm parts. Why you took them apart in the first, we’ll never… oh, you wanted to make a 50-headed, fully-articulating sit-com monster? Ahhh… we’ll leave you to it.

For all those leftover pieces or other items you need to store, we have a wonderful 3D printed lattice box design by Pascal Merkli. It’s not just one though. Pascal has five sizes that can be printed as a solid, a lattice, engraved, or a mix of both lattice and engraved. The tops clip shut and hinge all the way open to lay flush with the back.

Pacal printed the versions you see here with a UP BOX+ 3D Printer at a 0.2 resolution with no rafts, no supports, and no infill. He used Cinema 4D for the original design, so, it’s a mesh file (not parametric) but you could take the .stl into SOLIDWORKS or Fusion 360 to edit and extend to the max size of your printer or make cavities for little action figure body parts.

You can snag the model files and all the details on Thingiverse. (Bonus! Pascal has a thing for storage. Check out his other boxes and organizers here!)

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