I know you’ve all see Predator. What? You’ve not seen the 1987 sci-fi horror flick starring Arnold Schwarzenegger? Push your computer off the desk and go and watch it NOW. You’re welcome for learning how to survive an alien with a tri-laser, arm nuke and jowls that will make curl up in a ball and call your dentist.

Anywho. Why a kid-size Predator mask you ask? Because THAT’S not super creepy. Baby Predators. Can you imagine? They’re probably like baby snakes – WAY more lethal, shoulder blastin’ everyone at the slightest offense. Sheesh. And we have Oskar Mohar to thank. He made the Predator mask for his 8-year-old. YES. To go along with a complete Predator costume. YEEE-EEES. Pretty much dad-o-the-year material there, Mr. Mohar.

3d printed Predator mask

This mask is a part of the whole costume–I printed whole bunch of other stuff, wrist claws (non-retractable) (modified from some other model), wrist detonator (with led lights) (modified from some other model), shoulder armor, belt, bombs on the belt, skulls around the neck.. And a spear (extendable).. And a really cool cardboard backpack.. And.. more stuff.

You totally need to share the other bits, Oskar.

Now, the mask is sized for a 8-year-old kid, but you can scale it up, of course. Oskar printed it in three pieces, support free. The horns don’t have alignment pins so you’ll need some horn-aligning skills there. For the tri-laser light, he hot-glued a 3-light LED strip into the mask, overlayed with a scratched lens to diffuse the light.

You can download the model on MyMiniFactory. (Bonus! Check out his Adventure Time BMO face-changing monitor topper here! YES!)

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