What’s better than one full penny skateboard? TWO half penny skateboards. Add a bag of chips and Paul’s Boutique on loop and you’ve got yourself the makings of a rambunctious night out on the town.

But first, you need the half-penny skateboards. Leave it to Devin Montes, aka MakeAnything, to create a skateboard slightly larger than your boot sole with four rollerskate wheels and a skidstop.

It’s the smallest rideable skateboard I could manage to print, the Half-Penny! I designed this around a pair of roller skate plates that I found (Men’s size 9-10), but I’ve also included a ‘blank’ version of the deck without bolt holes or a bottom plate so you can mess around with that.

And mess around we will. I’ve got in mind a Roskopp mod. Devin printed up the Pennies with CPE and PETG filament on an Anycubic Prusa i3 at a 90-100% infill – supports and raft recommended. Need a wall or pocket hook? He’s included those as well.

Now, does it actually work? Well…

Proof ? Music by @chefgoyar_d

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You can download the model on MyMiniFactory. (Bonus! Check out the Devin’s low-poly Voronoi snails here and take one with you for added confidence at any office party!)

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