EvD Media’s very own Adam O’Hern has been busy concocting various new awesome sauce CAD tutorials over at cadjunkie. The industrial design video training site features hundreds of videos ranging from SolidWorks and MODO to Rhino and Adobe tutorials.

In this new mini-series, Adam will be answering your burning CAD questions as well as presenting some of the best tricks and workarounds to help elevate your CAD game.

The weekly series has fired off with a great tip for connecting two splines in SolidWorks. Adam will start with an explanation of why you might need to do this at some point and then dive deeper into how to master the control vertices in order to finesse the two splines into one seamless curve:

SolidWorks Hump Day Tips 01: Connect Two Splines (Part I)

Greetings cadjunkies! In this new ‘Hump Day’ series we’ll be presenting some of the most common questions we get asked over at cadjunkie HQ. This week we’re taking a look at connecting two separate splines into one beautiful clean spline.

  • Overview of two separate splines
  • Combine two splines into the same sketch
  • Combine two spines into one

SolidWorks Hump Day Tips 02: Connect Two Splines (Part II)

In this second installment of our new ‘Hump Day’ series we’ll continue to work on connecting our two splines that we started on last week. As you’ll recall, last week we left off with a slight ‘hump’ in our resulting connected spline. This week we’ll take a look at how to further finesse our connected result into one seamless and smooth curve.

  • Recap of last week’s Hump Day tip
  • Explanation of curve types
  • Methods for smoothing out two connected splines

Be sure to head over to cadjunkie for the full library of industrial design training videos!