There are five reasons I just dropped what was doing to check this out *looks down at fist, punches face*. Fortunately, I didn’t have machined titanium rings on each finger or my face would be a bloody, unrecognizable mess. What’s exciting me to punches is a self-initiated competition going on over at GrabCAD. Put on by user Scott Bruins to design the ultimate Titanium Mens Wedding Ring. Scott is getting hitched next year and since he works in a machine shop, where he’s designed some other (quite fancy) Titanium Rings, he thought he’d offer up a challenge to the GrabCAD community for one of his very own. The challenge is on. Some designs have been submitted and engineers and designers of all sorts are getting excited about wedding rings.

Mens Wedding Ring Challenge

A lot of people have already submitted their design ideas. You can view the lot of them here. Scott has also added a variety of wedding band iterations which you can see on his personal profile. Definitely check out the comments on the rings as the discussion around them is quite interesting. The design rules are pretty straightforward and the winner (chosen by Scott) will get a finished Titanium Ring!


  • The ring will be made of titanium (no other materials can be used)
  • Can have any finish (brushed, polished, satin, matte, mix) but cannot be anodized. (titanium anodize scratches very easily)
  • Single piece construction is preferred but not necessary
  • I tend to like simple designs (not really a rule just a suggestion)
  • SolidWorks or STEP format will be accepted.

GlaDOS Ring
What’s even cooler is that some people have even spun off the contest into another challenge, discussing the integration of an LED and simple electronics into Scott’s GlaDOS ring. It’s led to ideas about how to install the LED and what components to use.

This is a developing side-project of the Titanium ring contest, so if you’re interested in cramming a tiny LED inside a skinny ring, jump in a provide your suggestions of how to make it happen!

Here are just a few of the rings Scott has posted. He’s using SolidWorks to models the rings and PV360 to create some renderings. But don’t worry, you can submit the models as a STEP file and use whatever rendering software you enjoy to create some beautiful images which shot can show to the misses. Oh yeah, congrats Scott.

Visit the Wedding Ring Design Challenge.

Images: Scott Bruins
Disclosure: Josh Mings serves as the Community Manager for GrabCAD. This post was not endorsed or paid for by GrabCAD and Scott had no idea I was going to do this.


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