3D Systems isn’t messing around in 2013. Despite some new products having lackluster performance, they have managed to prove that an arsenal of ‘whipped cream pies in your face’ is the best strategy for developing hype and getting your attention. Somehow amongst promoting their new product releases at CES 2013, they managed to earn the ‘Best of CES 2013 Award for Emerging Tech” while hosting musicians playing 3D printed instruments at their booth, and still found time to release a platform for modelers and developers to cash in on apps centered around 3D printing.

“Cubify believes everyone is creative, and everyone can create – we all just need a fun and easy way to get started.”

Split between two platforms, Cubify’s new 3D Print App design system is being catered to programmers as well as modelers with no programming experience. The Cubify API “is for web programmers who write their own web apps, create models, and do programming”. Once the programmer submits the app, the process is similar to Apple’s iOS app submission process: wait a few days and find out if it’s approved. There are no maximum amount of apps a developer can submit and Cubify takes care for E-commerce, printing, and fulfillment responsibilities.



Alternatively, for those who are avoiding the programming route but still want to be involved, the AppCreate platform allows for modelers to create a Cubify web app using the online Cubify AppCreate interface. Once the interface is created, it’s as easy as uploading your 3D model files and receiving a percentage of the payment for the Cubify Cloud Printed Model (similar to Shapeways).



While the platform is still in it’s infancy, it’ll be interesting to see how it gets picked up as 2013 shapes up to be a huge year for 3D printing.

To find out more head on over to Cubify’s Developer Site.


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