As far as animated movies go, The LEGO Movie ranks high on the list for not just simply having a great story, but also its impressive use of CG and the fact that everything – including water, explosions, smoke and landscapes – are actual LEGO bricks. Of course, creating a feature-length film of walking and talking LEGO toys isn’t without its challenges.

Unlike the majority of other animated films – where characters can be modeled into more organic shapes – everything in the LEGO movie had to not only be modeled but also, built in LEGO.

To build the world, which featured LEGO toys from nearly every LEGO set ranging from Batman to City, the filmmakers tapped into their own childhood nostalgia to create a final product that feels like a hollywood action film…but is so accurate to real-world LEGO toys that every single frame is possible to be built in real life. Yes – you can build every scene from the movie on your living room floor if so desired.




In “Creating Bricks”, a new behind-the-scenes short from Warner Bros, directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord (along with some animators and lead modelers) give us a rundown on just how high their standards were when creating the life-like bricks and what sort of challenges went into modeling a plastic toy collection into a 101-minute animation:

YouTube video

For more info, head over to The LEGO Movie.


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