solidworks tipsSo, it’s really lame when you have to make sure to update notes and properties that have dimensions entered in manually. Well, there’s a way to grab a dimension property so you can use it in different places. Nice thing is, if the dimension changes you don’t have to remember where you put it to update it.

This would be for cases where you have a dimension referenced in a note, a design table or…even a BOM. Yeah, that got your attention, feel the excitment ’bout BOM’s… Today is a good day.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Open your model in a very loud and excited way!
  • Something you have a BOM for or just create one real quick.

  • Slap a dimension on what you want to reference and make a whip sound with your mouth – whi-pish!!
  • I got a little crazy and picked an edge.

add dimension property in solidworks

  • Add a note and click on the dimension
  • This adds the dimensions name to the note. You can edit the Note Properties to copy the name that is entered. It looks something like this. [email protected]@your assembly.moAssembly_c”

add dimension property in solidworks

This is it… if you just want to reference the dimension in a note. You can do the same in a drawing. BUT, if you want it in a BOM or design table keep on readin’.

  • Proceed to the nearest Custom Property!
  • This is important, because Custom Properties can be pulled in just about anywhere… BOMs, Drawing Formats, Design Tables, Programs…you get the idea.

    If you’re not using custom properties… well, that is just a shame. But, if you are wise and using them, go to File, Properties. The Summary Information pops up. Select the Custom Tab. where your custom properties are.

  • Click your mouse where you want that crazy dimension to show up
  • And then click with absolute delight on the dimension, just like above where we added it to a note. The dimension name goes into the custom property and you worries are OVER.

add dimension property in solidworks

That’s it! Now go check out your BOM and sit back as you don’t receive anymore calls from your manager saying a dimension was not updated.


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