The good folks at Sculptify are gearing up for an August-based Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the production of ‘David’ 3D Printer. The reason why you should keep an eye on this project is because this plastic extrusion 3D printer does not use expensive filament but plastic pellets to print your designs.

The design of the machine includes a hopper that accepts the pellets, which then move into position for melting before extrusion. By using “FLEX” technology, Sculptify is opening doors to experimentation in materials that can be used as pellets. The aim of course is to bring down the costs of investing in expensive filament and make 3D printing more affordable.

Materials that can be possibly used include ABS, ethylene vinyl acetate, high impact polystyrene, high-density polyethylene, nylon, polycarbonate, PLA, thermoplastic polyurethane, and wood composites.

Get a grip on this, MakerBot and 3D Systems offer plastic filaments from anywhere $48 to $ 165 for a kilo. In comparison, raw plastic pellets cost $0.10 per kilo if you buy in bulk. Obviously we are stoked about the potential reduction of costs and thus waiting for more information to come our way.

On paper, David sounds like a good investment to make, however we still need to see performance reports from individuals and not Sculptify alone. August is just a few days away, so we shall wait and watch the pages for funding announcement.