With recent major updates including the addition of Sørensen Leather’s entire 289-count material library onto Keyshot Cloud, Luxion’s popular KeyShot rendering package has never provided as much flexibility, power and resources as their latest KeyShot 5.1 release offers.

It comes with little surprise then, that the winners of the recent 2014 KeyShot Rendering Contest have created some of the most eye-popping vehicle renders we’ve seen lately. While the contest has closed and a grand prize winner has been announced (revealed below), Luxion wants everybody to be a winner and celebrate with exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that will hook you up with the latest KeyShot release for the lowest prices of the year.

As for the contest, the brief was to “create a captivating 3D rendering or animation of an automotive-related 3D model” and would be judged based on “creativity, originality and composition”. The grand prize winners (one for still image and one for animation), will each be receiving copies of KeyShot Pro.

“Not only were there over 300 entries of vehicles and automotive related products, but many of the entries were of the highest quality,” said KeyShot’s official competition page. “Without a doubt, the 2014 KeyShot Render Competition has been the most incredible render contest to date that we’ve held.”

Let’s take a look.

Honorable Mentions


George Pizzo (Jeep Rubicon)


Sam Weise (Rat Rod)


Volkan Kaçar (Mercedes-Benz SS Roadster)


Bill Gould (Golden T)


Sandy McPherson (1963 Jaguar D Type Long Nose)


Pitu Dragos (Mercedes-Benz SL 350)

Grand Prize Winners


Doug Didia (Jeep Grand Cherokee)

Doug submitted many professional shots of various cars, including some incredible cutaways of others. Along with this, Doug shared how he developed the shot in KeyShot and created the composite images. Among all the images he submitted, this Jeep Grand Cherokee brings a particular mood that matches the epic setting it sits in with a stance and lighting that accentuates every line.


Esben Oxholm (Peugeot 508)

Esben brought on of the most creative entries. Titled, “The Getaway” complimented with masked bandit and a motorcycle cop in hot pursuit, he set an attitude for the vehicle that is completely engaging and memorable, being careful to capture each line of the car. In that, he show and beautiful breakdown of the step-by-step compositing on the image, showing what goes into the process of creating such visuals.

Excellent work to all who entered!

Be sure to check out all of the entries over on KeyShot’s 2014 Render Contest official page.