I love the product development industry drama. It’s so RAW beneath it’s cordial, feature-rich exterior. Hard to imagine what would happen if you put all the execs together in a room full of garlic water balloons and large sticks… but not really.

In a user conference room away from each other, it’s a little tamer. But oh, the words. They are plentiful. In a playful, little, jabby type of way Jim Heppelmann, next CEO of PTC, made a few comments about their competition. It received some laughs and added just the right dose of drama.

After being asked to comment on Dassault V6 platform and their other seemingly invisible competitor, Siemens, Heppelmann replied, in no exact wording, PTC used to be looked at as the arrogant CAD company, but now that title had been taken by their French competition (Dassault) and that yes, Siemens is invisible in the PLM marketplace.

Some clarification. The ‘arrogant’ comment was in regard to Dassault’s attitude toward their customers.

He went on to say about Dassault, “I think their future’s not so promising as their past has been. We look at V6 – I think it’s V5 plus one. One being Matrix One.”

He did convey, Dassault shouldn’t be completely “dissed” as they’ve been very busy in their partnership dealings and that Siemens is a great company with more competitive product than Dassault. All together, great drama.


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