After having first obtained a diploma in interior design and later one in industrial design, French industrial designer Jean Louis Iratzoki naturally fell into a career that focuses on designing modern furniture for brands both large and small, including those centered around wood, bioplastic, metal and even chocolate manufacturing. Regardless of where his project briefs come from though, it is perhaps his unique location for a workshop that stands out the most.

Located in Spain’s Northeast corner known as Basque Country, the workshop is far from the modern facilities used by many industrial designers today.

Rather, it is a cabin that is supported by a wooden frame, “covered in zinc”, and hidden in the forest. Structurally, the workshop is a long building that is slightly positioned off the ground and one side of the building is completely open to the trees and the surrounding natural environment. In the wintertime, it is heated by a stove that is fueled by wood from the surrounding forest.

The workshop, which isn’t necessarily where you would expect some of the most modern bioplastic chairs to be designed and prototyped in, is also home to Iratzoki’s design team while they flesh out product designs. Additionally, it is far from just a typical woodshop in the forest: it is where all aspects of the business take place including design meetings, CAD modeling and prototyping:




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