Between the new Mod Notebooks that include return postage for digitizing your analog sketches as well as other sketch tools such as the new(ish) Wacom Cintiq Companion, designers and engineers looking to get their ideas on ‘paper’ have never had as many options for getting their ideas out there as they do today. Perhaps one of the bigger jumps out of the traditional analog sketchbook however is the new Gravity 3D Sketching pad that uses augmented reality to bring your ‘napkin sketches’ to life.

Augmented Reality Sketching

Using augmented reality, the Gravity allows a user to sketch their concepts in 3D space free from any screen or computer in a lightweight package that could fit into a briefcase or portfolio. Featuring Wacom ExpressKey-like controls on one side of the device, the user can adjust the plane and orientation of the object they are building in order to give the object depth.




The ambitious project started in London in October of 2013 with four Innovation Design Engineering students from the Royal College of Art. After a series of experiments and (clearly) a heavy dose of dedication, the group developed their first prototype and finally got the project patented in February of 2014:

“The project started with a strong belief: the tools that are commonly used for drawing, designing and making things in 3D limit people’s ability to bring their ideas to reality.”

The team has also refreshingly provided great visual documentation of their journey developing the Gravity featuring everything from their initial concept development through prototyping and their final presentation for the school project. No word yet on availability or when/where one could demo the device but we’ll keep you posted.


works like


(Images via Gravity 3D)


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