In what was certainly one of the product design events of the year, DEVELOP3D Live went down last month in Warwick, England and featured a host of talks and workshops centered around CAD and the near-future of product design.

Among others who were on-hand to talk about their latest technologies included SolidWorks CEO Gian Paolo Bassi, Onshape Chairman Jon Hirschtick, Autodesk’s Kevin Schneider, Kenesto’s Mike Payne and Frame’s Nikola Bozinovic, among others.

Although many who are based in the States or elsewhere in the world may not have been able to make it to the Warwick Arts Centre in the UK, the DEVELOP3D chaps (and gals) have just released four of the presentations from the March 31st event for all to take in.

“As the heady hangover from our live event back in March lifts, we’re delighted to announce that the talks from the day will be made available free – starting today … including the amazing panel session on the future of 3D design tools that is an eyeopening discussion from some of the leading figures in the industry – something exclusive to our live event.”

DEVELOP3D LIVE 2015: Next generation CAD tools

A fascinating debate into the future of CAD. Panelists include Gian Paolo Bassi, SolidWorks; Jon Hirschtick, Onshape; Kevin Schneider, Autodesk; Mike Payne, Kenesto; and Nikola Bozinovic, Frame.

DEVELOP3D LIVE 2015: Carl Bass, CEO – Autodesk

Join Autodesk CEO Carl Bass as he discusses new means of cloud-based design and engineering, and how to pair them with the manufacturing advances that are now within reach of even the smallest companies.

DEVELOP3D LIVE 2015: Jon Hirschtick, Chairman – Onshape

The Design World Has Changed – How CAD Needs to Change With It

Why start a new CAD company?

There’s no problem in CAD that’s been completely solved yet. CAD systems still aren’t fast enough, they’re not easy enough, they’re not robust enough or reliable enough. All of the core issues in CAD are still there – and Jon thinks as an industry, maybe we’re halfway done.

DEVELOP3D LIVE 2015: J Scott Schiller, WW Business Director – HP 3D Printing

To drive step-function increases in the use of 3D printing, breakthroughs are needed on virtually all vectors – speed, quality, cost, reliability, materials options, etc.… HP has a plan to advance the state of the art on the print side, but this alone is not enough – it will take partnerships and shared vision to realize the potential of a digitized future.

Scott Schiller will share what HP has learned about driving from analog to digital transformation in other markets, and discuss HP’s vision for advancing the state of the art of 3D printing. This will highlight important implications to product design and development workflows.

DEVELOP3D LIVE 2015: Mark Shayler, Ape

Mark has over 20 years of experience in environmental consultancy, eco design and the circular economy. He has worked with some of the world’s largest and smallest businesses to help them redesign their products to do more with less, reduce waste, design for recoverability and recyclability, design for leasing and design for refurbishment.

The rest of the conference’s videos will be uploaded over the next month and for those who like to get a head start on things, the conference will once again heat up next year – which will again fall on March 31st at the Warwick Arts Centre.