For those who have been using Adobe’s Creative Cloud since its recent release, it has been a sort of blessing on multiple levels. With a simple Creative Cloud account, a user can active or deactivate the entire Adobe software suite on up to two computers—and if you want to use Adobe After Effects for a specific image presentation project but don’t want that extra space hogging up your hard drive 24/7, using it is as simple as downloading it from within the Creative Cloud app, using it for your project, and then removing it once you’re done. For those who don’t need access to the entire Creative Cloud Suite, Adobe is offering a special discount through December 2, 2013 for those looking to upgrade their Photoshop experience and move into the Cloud with less strain on their wallets.

Photoshop Photography Program

Titled the Photoshop Photography Program, the $9.99 monthly membership includes both Photoshop CC as well as the popular image manager Lightroom 5. Additionally, the plan also includes feature updates and upgrades as they are available, 20GB of cloud storage for file sharing and collaboration, and a reputable Behance ProSite for all those new nifty sketches.


Consolidating specific apps into packages is a pretty smart move on Adobe’s part, considering that few users actually use every product in the suite. Similar to how they used to bundle software for specific projects (web design, video, etc), it’ll be interesting to see if they bring this back with the Creative Cloud to entice those who might have been on the fence about paying $50/month for using only a third of the entire suite (still a good deal, if you ask me).

Since we’re on the topic of Photoshop, here’s a great video from Spencer Nugent over at where he shows you his process for scanning in a hand sketch for rendering in Photoshop:

Not a bad deal if you don’t need the other Adobe apps!

Head over to Adobe for more information.

(Images via IDSketching)


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