Autodesk’s SketchBook program, which serves as a jumping-off point for many artists, engineers, and CAD designers, is now totally free!

I know what you’re thinking, but for now, there seem3 to be no strings attached to this deal. According to a blog post by Senior Product Manager Colin Smith, the aim of making SketchBook free is to give creators easy access to a fast sketching tool. And seeing as most people hurry towards anything that’s free, SketchBook aim’s to be the tool they’re looking for.

Here, industrial designer Reid Schlegel breaks down his design process and how he integrates the tool into his workflow:

Past subscribers to Sketchbook no longer need a subscription to access the full version of the program, though it seems like rotten luck to those who just bought one. Autodesk will continue to update SketchBook and SketchBook Pro for Enterprise with new features which will allow designers, architects, animators, and game designers.

A detailed FAQ page dedicated to the free features can be found on the SketchBook webpage.


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