I DARE you. Try to make a million holes in a sheet metal part with whatever 3D design tool you’re using. Go ahead… I’ll wait… anything happen right before your arteries surface to your skin and workstation starts smoking? Most likely, it can’t be done. I’ve never seen it done… till now.

I received a gift via twitter from Blake Courter, co-founder of SpaceClaim. It was an image of a sheet metal part with 1,000,000 holes. Even though it looked real and the image crashed Photoshop when I tried to save it, I wasn’t convinced. I asked him to prove it… and he did.

This video shows the yet unreleased SpaceClaim 2010, and an actual sheet metal part with 10,000 holes. An order of magnitude less, but still impressive. I’m a little more convinced, but can’t wait to spin up SpaceClaim to see the pure hole-punchin’ power it’s capable of.

The image of 1,000,000 holes


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