BISSELL SpotClean PetPro: Best Portable Carpet Cleaner
BISSELL SpotClean PetPro: Best Portable Carpet Cleaner


Model Number: 2458

Dimensions: 10” x 14” x 14”

Weight: 13.25 pounds

Power Source: Corded

Tank Capacity: 96 ounces


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  • Can be used for carpets, stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.
  • Best portable carpet cleaner in terms of quality and build: no tank leaks and the unit body and components are made of thick, durable plastic material. 
  • Has a long reach due to the long cord and hose.
  • Comes with a 3″ Tough Stain tool and Stain Trapper tool.
  • Features a compact and lightweight body.

Full Review:

Cleaning your carpet is one of the hardest parts of your household cleanup. A reliable carpet cleaner can aid you in handling carpets from end to end. Yet, setting up and pulling out such a huge machine from the storage just to clean a small spot can be too much work. Needless to say, using it for stains on stairs and upholstery is impossible. In such cases, the best portable carpet cleaner is needed.

Together with the whole SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team, we conducted a series of tests on 9 leading portable carpet cleaners in the market. By applying various stains on carpets such as juice, dirt, and mud, we tested how each one handled the task. We also focused and observed their features and quality and how they would affect the user’s cleaning experience. With all that, we came up with the crème de la crème of the roundup: the BISSELL SpotClean PetPro.

water tank of BISSELL SpotClean PetPro portable carpet cleaner
BISSELL SpotClean PetPro has a 96-ounce water tank.

It boasts a huge 96-ounce tank which is much larger compared to the capacity of its competitors. This will allow you to work continuously for long hours without the need to repeatedly refill the tank again and again.

hose of BISSELL SpotClean PetPro portable carpet cleaner
The BISSELL SpotClean PetPro has a 5-foot long hose.

It also comes with a 5-foot long hose and 20-foot power cord which will give you a good reach in the stairs. Most of all, it only weighs 13.25 pounds, making it incredibly lightweight and handy at all times.

Stain Trapper tool of BISSELL SpotClean PetPro portable carpet cleaner
BISSELL SpotClean PetPro comes with a Stain Trapper tool that collects the dirt and liquid in a small container for easy disposal.

On the other hand, while its airflow is not the highest in the paper, its design and compositions make up for it. It has a 3″ Tough Stain tool that has just the right size, compared to other units we tested such as the Rug Doctor models. Its tool gives you a comfortable grip and despite the limited coverage due to its size, it helps in giving you precision in the cleanup. When tested for dried stains, it managed to remove even the most stubborn mud marks within a minute. The addition of the Stain Trapper tool also contributed a lot in making things easier in our test. The fact that it keeps all the mess it picks up in a small container gave us effortless cleanup and maintenance after using it. 

Tough Stain tool of BISSELL SpotClean PetPro portable carpet cleaner
The 3″ Tough Stain tool can give you precision in removing stains.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that SpotClean PetPro still took us at least a couple of passes and elbow grease to completely remove the stains. This is true for all the units we tested as these portable carpet cleaners all require manual labor. They are not like robot vacuums that will do the work for you. Yet, among all of them, BISSELL SpotClean PetPro exceeded our expectations due to its decent airflow in picking up liquids and the quality accessories it comes with. With this, it is no question why our reviewers hailed it as the best portable carpet cleaner of 2021.

BISSELL SpotClean PetPro FAQs:

Does BISSELL SpotClean PetPro have a steam option?

  • The BISSELL SpotClean PetPro is a simple machine that only uses the water from its tank. It doesn’t have steam capabilities but you can mix cleaning solution and hot water in the tank to aid the unit in its cleaning task. 

Can I also use BISSELL SpotClean PetPro for car interiors?

  • Yes, the BISSELL SpotClean PetPro works with car interiors. It can also work well for upholsteries.

Can BISSELL SpotClean PetPro handle tight corners and areas near walls?

  • Yes, the 3″ Tough Stain tool of 3″ Tough Stain tool can reach tight corners without problems. 

How wide is the nozzle of BISSELL SpotClean PetPro?

  • The BISSELL SpotClean PetPro comes with 2 cleaning nozzles: the 3” Tough Stain tool and the 4” Stain Trapper tool.

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