The area of security is becoming particularly important. But how do you secure your data in such an environment? If this is your subject, get ready to find and read more about virtual data rooms for the life sciences, for example. 

When storing your data is scattered on different disks, in the cloud, in-network storage, in personal cloud connectors, and in other solutions such as OneDrive or Documentum. This makes it difficult to work: you have to switch between different repositories to find and use files. Digital Workspace simplifies access to files by allowing easy synchronization between different applications, devices, clouds, enterprise servers, and content management systems.

Share and work safely on business-critical documents. Decide on the best service for you: iDeals or Citrix Virtual Data Rooms?

All about iDeals Data Room

It is best suited for small and large projects.


iDeals offers three pricing plans. It also provides a 30-day free trial.

iDeals Dashboard

iDeals Solutions is experienced and trusted virtual data room provider. Their expertise and exceptional results have been tried and tested by investment bankers, attorneys, and top executives in businesses around the world.

As the most results-oriented and flexible company on the market, iDeals VDR always listens to clients and offers them the safest, most convenient, and fastest solution to achieve their strategic goals in any type of transaction.

Features of iDeals

  • Drag-and-drop features for file uploads
  • Smart filters, keyword search, and bulk print/download operations
  • It also provides automatic index numbering and full-text search functions
  • Data centers are located in different regions to maximize the speed of cross-border access
  • Graphic reports visually represent bidder activity, accelerating analysis and decision-making

Technical details of iDeals

Languages Supported: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, and Korean

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone.

Download size: Unlimited

Storage: Unlimited


The iDeals Virtual Data Room is a great platform that is easy to use and provides an unparalleled level of customer service.

The iDeals data room software combines a user-friendly interface with comprehensive features. It supports over 25 file formats. It gives you full control to keep your data private.

In addition, their diverse reporting system is extremely useful when you need analytical data about your data room.

It’s the highest level of security and customer support at a great price for both experienced users and novices.

All about Citrix Data Room

Best for middle to large projects.


Citrix Virtual Data Room offers a flat fee pricing model starting at $375 per month. Users get a 10% discount if they pay annually. Citrix ShareFile is priced higher than other virtual data rooms designed for small businesses. However, for mid-sized companies, Citrix ShareFile is on par with its competitors. To find out the pricing for their services, you must fill out a special form on their website and provide some information about your company to calculate the cost. For information about pricing plans, prices and services, users should contact the sales department or contact the site manager to get all the necessary information about the online data room. According to customer reviews on special Internet sites, Citrix is an expensive software product.

Citrix Dashboard

Citrix Systems is a reliable company providing cloud services for online business deals and employee workflow needs. Citrix Workspaces is virtual data room software for online deals and includes all tools necessary for document management. Clients can use additional Citrix Systems software to cover process needs.

Features of Citrix

  • Two-Factor Authentications
  • Access Expiration
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • No Plug-ins
  • Scroll-Through Document Viewer
  • Mobile Device Interface
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Automatic Numerical Indexing
  • Drag & Drop Upload
  • Archives Upload & Extraction
  • Document Version Control
  • Tracking of All User Activity
  • Real-Time Audit Trail

Technical Details of Citrix

Languages Supported: Multilingual

Platform: iOS, Android, Cloud, Linux, Web, SaaS, Windows.

Download size: Unlimited

Storage: Unlimited


A secure virtual data room solution stores confidential data and workflows so remote access is protected on any device, anywhere. 

Citrix is characterized by the simplicity of its overall layout and arrangement of features. But at the same time, the company has no record of data mishandling or security mishaps.

Citrix Content Collaboration virtual data room provides IT with a robust, secure solution with extensive security features to protect data and workflows. 

Create and protect sensitive workflows while arming IT with proactive analytics to have full visibility into the environment. 

Main Advantages of Data Rooms

Focus on your business with this software that offers a bunch of perks.

Benefits of iDeals 

  • It’s extremely simple. Online data rooms are so easy to use that new users don’t need training. It only takes 15 minutes to set up a data room.
  • You can use any computer, browser, or mobile device. No plug-ins are required.
  • A simple drag & drop upload gives you the ability to import the entire index structure into the data room.
  • No document preparation is required. The service supports 25+ file formats for safe viewing, printing, and uploading.
  • You can easily shrink text, an image, or an area of a document right in the data room to protect sensitive data.
  • Copy and paste email addresses to invite hundreds of users into the data room due diligence in a minute possible.
  • Intuitive document digital rights management to configure which files can be viewed, printed, or downloaded for each user.

Benefits of Citrix

  • Easily expandable and shrinkable on demand and has high availability by default.
  • Unique passwords and granular data room access configurations for an unlimited number of client users.
  • Protect Sensitive Data. Citrix Analytics for Security uses machine learning to detect and defend against security threats in real-time.
  • Citrix Virtual Data Room enables implementers of complex transactions to manage, navigate and optimize decision-making with flexible workflows.
  • Faster and More Secure Agreements. Virtual Data Room protects your critical workflows, speeds up confidential business agreements, and creates an environment that promotes productivity. Users can automate workflows, track changes in real-time, obtain legally binding electronic signatures, and speed document approvals. Regardless of location, priority transactions and agreements can be completed faster without sacrificing security or convenience.
  • Activity Monitoring for Complete Transparency. With Citrix Content Collaboration, comprehensive audit logs and click trails provide full transparency of all user activity. You can schedule account reports and receive instant email notifications about account activity.
  • Citrix ShareFile data room support team is available 24/7 via phone, email, and a chatbot on their website.

“iDeals or Citrix?” The Conclusion

So, manage your most sensitive cases digitally with one of these services. Protect your data and workflows with dynamic watermarks from iDeals or Citrix.

The flexibility of these data rooms means business is conducted anywhere, on any device. Decide on the best option for you and provide a secure, unified experience for applications, content, and data workflows.