Gone are the days where you need an actual, physical product in your hand to make someone believe you know what in blazes you’re yapping about. In reality all you need is augmented reality and a clever app to make your very own 3D models appear anywhere you please. Augment is an app available for iOS and Android that does just that using your mobile device. The Paris based company launched the app this week and is available for the low price of free. However, Augment is much more than an app. They also have a very interesting business model to go along with it.

Augment your 3D model repository

Augment is not only an app. It’s also a website. Agmt.me works with the app as a repository for the models you view on your mobile device. You can upload your models, scan the tracker and view your model in a matter of minutes. Here’s the step-by-step of how to use it.

  1. Download Augment for free on iPhone, iPad or Android
  2. Upload your own 3D models on http://agmt.me
  3. Click “View” and scan the QR code with the Augment app to load and visualize.

There are three different tracking modes to view your model:

  • Augment tracker: Optimized to work with all models in Augment. Print it for free.
  • Custom tracker: Use your own creative as a trigger and tracker for your model.
  • No tracker: Place your model manually in space without any tracker.

You can, of course, print the Tracker or QR code and put that anywhere you would like to view your model. Currently, Augment supports import for three 3D file formats: Collada, OBJ and STL. They have a Help Center on the site that shows you how to get started and how to export from various 3D applications. It’s absolutely free to use with no limits revealed on the number of models. So, how are they making money? The agmt.me site has two premium services: Business Catalog and Augment for Print.

Augment Business Catalog: Allows you yo access all your 3D models offline directly from the Augment app (requires login and password) for $30/month or $15/month for the annual plan.

YouTube video

Augment for Print: People can scan flyers, brochures, signage etc. and see your 3D model pop-up on top of it.This is directed at publishers and brands with ‘Call for Pricing’ specified.

YouTube video



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