What brilliance is this pray tell!!? A glove that wrappeth about the hand bestowing interaction with thine computery peripheral! Why this is just the type of technology to send Bluetooth headsets flying off the swollen ear of many a grinning businessman. Bellco Ventures is making your [insert futuristic movie title here] dreams come true with the Wireless Air Mouse. And, just as the name says, it’s made of pure wireless air… and some bits of plastic and lycra. It’s another device shifting the palm away from the desktop mouse, but are you ready to use it for design?

“Enjoy wireless pleasure”

The last time someone said that to me I slapped them. The Ion wireless mouse is a device controlled mainly with your thumb and index finger (granted you have both of those.) You have left-click, right-click and pause on your finger. That chunk on top is the USB charger and switch giving it a wireless range of 35 feet. You can snag it online for US $79.95.

YouTube video

The future of the Mouse is the Past

Nothing too inovative about this wireless glove mouse. It reminds us of the Perigrine power glove and the Nintendo Power Glove of yore that sadly came out before its time (I never did beat MasterBlaster with that damn thing.) I can’t help but think these product and the like are unnecessary intermediary products for the inevitability that is hands-free, or rather hand-tracking, technology that is just around the bend. It’s already being done and the tools to do it it are readily available. It’s just getting it and a bit of precision integrated into the software.

Ion Wireless mouse via DVICE


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