Just as I was preparing the most delectable post on the HP + Stratasys 3D Printer deal that went down last week, I saw this news pop up in my inbox.

Harness your excitement and then start making of pile of the knick-knacks you want to photocopy… IN GLORIOUS 3D. Yes, Ortery Technologies has a “New” blinking image on their site, right next to the image of the Photosimile 5000 that will copy anything you toss inside using their proprietary “Real3D” technology. Thing is, it’s not the 3D ya think it is. Check out the vid after the jump.

As seen from the images and video, this is just fancy photo-stitchery. What’s not apparent from the information on their site, is specs detailing any potential to extrapolate point-cloud data or 3D geometry via the software. That’s obviously the next step… or better be, lest the developers be forever doomed to life within an animated .gif… and speaking of which, an example .gif animation image output from the Photosimile 5000. I suddenly sense a resurgence of very flashy website design.

Via Gizmodo. Big ol’ hat tip ta Ben Eadie!


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