microsoft demos multi-touch technologyWhile Micorsoft’s Surface is kinda cool, but also like the Pac-man console at that pizza place, the newly debut Microsoft Touchwall puts it all in perspective and drops an ax on what it would take to get multi-touch technology into your tech-grubby hands.

All this uses is a couple hundred bucks of readily-available, rear-projection hardware and the software technology called “Plex” that runs on top of Vista.

Before you run out and get a Vista tattoo though, you should know this isn’t commercially available yet and Microsoft doesn’t have any plans to make it so, until they realize how stupid that is.

CAD will never be the same
One of the first thoughts when someone sees this is how cool it will be for gaming. Fact is, it will be cool for a lot of applications. In my opinion, multi-touch and display technology has the greatest affect on how traditional CAD programs, user interaction and design functions will change. I say Microsoft needs to Open Source this software and let everyone go buckwild with development.

Get to the video already right?

Via Techcrunch


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