The tech sector has been buzzing like a physician induced, caffeine-like high about a post Robert Scoble wrote last week. A post that revealed that Microsoft will reveal something never revealed by those that reveal things previously unrevealed. And that is about all you can get out of it… unless you look a little deeper.

What will Microsoft launch Febuary 27th that Will Change the World?
I started wasting time speculating myself. I got as far as assuming it was graphical and interface related since Scoble thought so much of Oragami and Vista. I was thinking maybe something with the Flash-like Silverlight product mixed with touch and 3D, but yesterday he re-posted and kind of killed the fun of speculating.

Instead of letting your expectations run wild, let’s stay calm. This is just a service that inspired me and made me react emotionally, in a way that few things I see make me react.

Despite his post, I’m still thinking it’s going to be visual-related. You don’t react emotionally to lines of code or large well-written and insightful paragraphs. It will allow you to do something different than how you’ve done it previously. Some will think it’s another ploy by Microsoft to take over the world.

Oh, and it’s perfectly fun to trounce Microsoft when they’re so big, and it will understandably continue, I’m sure. They’re big enough to take it. We can complain about the corporate megopoly, but no doubt they have some individuals working for them that are bringing a lot of new technology to the open market where it would otherwise take much longer. That being said, if what comes out really sucks, I’ll be disappointed. There will be videos out March 3rd that previews the new tech.

What do you think it could be?

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