During the CES Asia tech event this past June in Shanghai, China, tons of companies showed off new and exciting ventures in the world of technology. For many attendees, the convention was a science fiction dream come true—with plenty of futuristic tech that seems years off.

Among other companies presenting their latest wares was the start-up DeepMag Technology.

As a magnetic levitation and electromagnetic application solutions provider, DeepMag aims to build a world where transportation, education, and entertainment all make heavy use of the powers of magnetic levitation:

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Using the natural power of magnetic fields, DeepMag has made plenty of eye-catching products that make use of levitation.

magnatic levitation

The first few items are a couple of lightbulbs which hover above their stands. By creating a magnetic field between the bulbs and the stands, they were able to conduct a current which runs through the magnets and into the lightbulb. This current also allows them to turn on without ever needing to be physically connected to the base.

To further highlight how the tech works, one of the exhibitors removed the lightbulb from the magnetic field. Doing so interrupts the electrical current and turns off the lightbulb. Putting the bulb back in its proper place restores the current, illuminating the lamp once more.

magnatic levitation

The second showcase from DeepMag is a levitating tray which can hold the weight of four water bottles. The tray alone doesn’t have too many practical applications, but when you consider the technology can also be used on more substantial things like cars or anything that could be transported, then you begin to see just how much promise magnetic levitation holds.

By showing its uses in smaller household products, they hope to work electromagnets into our daily lives. This includes amusement park rides, faster public transportation, and yes; even hoverboards and hovercrafts.

Considering how powerful and mesmerizing the technology is, it might just be a matter of time before we kick off the ground for good.


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