Last year, Kano debuted a complete DIY desktop computer kit based around the Raspberry Pi as a way to get kids interested in computing. The unforeseen problem, however, is most kids today prefer to interact with touchscreen mobile devices—such as smartphones and tablets—rather than a desktop PC. Kano took notice and has launched an updated version of the kit that now includes a 10-inch touchscreen. This effectively now allows kids to navigate and program using the company’s custom OS with just a swipe of a finger—their computing method of choice.

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The company’s Computer Kit Touch includes a custom Raspberry Pi 3 SBC (1.2GHz quad-core Cortex A53), an updated display driver board, a power board, a USB board, a touchscreen, cables, and more. Most of the components have bright pastel colors, which correspond with a build process outlined in an instruction book—similar to a LEGO set.

Once the build process is complete, you can use the machine for coding challenges using a drag-and-drop GUI or launch pre-installed apps such as Google Chromium, Drive, YouTube, LibreOffice, and Wikipedia. Kano also provides an app store on their website where you can download additional tools and apps, including Code Academy, Song Maker, TUX Paint, and more.

Alongside Kano’s DIY computer kit, the company has additional DIY kits that were designed with education in mind, including the Kano Coding Kit, which uses an official Harry Potter magic wand to program different spells inspired by the favorite books and movies. Kano is also offering a motion sensor kit and a DIY Pixel light board, all of which are compatible with the computer kit. Those looking to get the Computer Kit touch ($279) or any of the add-on kits, can visit Kano’s website found here.


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