For most, the most significant, most practical expense they’ll ever make is a house. But considering how substantial and costly a home can be to maintain, some homeowners go through some crazy remodeling projects and insurance policies just to keep their house afloat.

Hover isn’t an omnipotent solution to remodeling problems, but it does make a lot of house-related issues a lot easier to handle. It’s a mobile app which, after taking a couple of photos with a smartphone, creates a 3D model of a house and details all of its measurements. Ultimately, the app removes the need to clamber up windows and roofs like an underdressed Santa Claus to get house measurements. Not only does this save time, but it also excuses you from having to exercise and pay unwanted hospital bills if you fall!

While this could essentially allow homeowners to 3D print a miniature version of their house, the practical uses of having a digital model to tinker with are more numerous. Additionally, since adjusting a 3D house is a lot easier (and cheaper!) than experimenting with the real thing, Hover lets residents see what their house might look like with new improvements such as a coat of paint or a couple of extra windows. The app is kind of like a grown-up version of playing dress-up, only instead of dressing up a plastic doll, you’re thinking about real-world investments for your actual home.

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For those looking to update that old bathroom but don’t know where to start, Hover also helps connect homeowners to contractors and insurance brokers. With the details made available to them, they can more easily give an estimate on your house or the improvements you want executed.

For people who don’t mind having every entry point of their home made public to complete strangers, this could be great. First-time users can get a free 3D model of their home which, if you’re not planning on moving or making renovations, could last you a lifetime. Read more about it over on the Hover webpage.


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