We don’t normally report on street art here on SolidSmack, but we do love sharing various 3D technologies and the use of raw talent – if for no other reason than for inspiration’s sake.

Featuring the work of Sofles – an Australian born, internationally-renowned artist – Graffiti Mapped is an interactive street mural project curated by Australian creative agency Juddy Roller that explores the “interconnected nature of street art, technology and the online frontier.” The project goes beyond the typical cans of spray paint and pushes street art into an entirely new category that brings motion graphics and sound into an otherwise ‘flat’ experience.

Through a combination of 3D mapping, traditional large-scale 2D street art design and general bad-assery, Sofles and the Juddy Roller production team used digital projectors and an original soundtrack to bring dynamic lighting effects and 3D video and animation overlays to a ‘base’ model consisting of the original artwork.

The project was unveiled on the 21st of February at Melbourne, Australia’s White Night Melbourne arts and culture festival that was attended by over 500,000 people. The finished piece sat at over five stories high and while the motion graphics were for one night only, the lasting mural is permanent and the experience overall won’t soon be forgotten:

YouTube video


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