Before you say anything… Yes, I know. We’re about 10 years behind on the news of this mouse, but since we won’t need to use a mouse to move bits around in the near future, we might as well show you what mouse you could have been using all these year. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse. Even thought your spine is curving into your desk, this odd looking mouse has been proven by medical doctors, therapists and ergonomists to “promote a neutral wrist and forearm posture” and just look at it… You can go from mousing about to smashing something 10x faster and with less chance of injury by using it.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Exactly how long has this mouse been around? As long as people realized that a traditional mouse was designed with pure bone-deforming evil…

In 1994, a revolutionary ergonomic mouse was invented and patented by Jack Lo due to discomfort he had when using a conventional mouse. His invention was the first mouse to support a hand in a fully upright handshake position for eliminating the arm twisting required by ordinary mice.

From there, Jack tried to license the design to manufacturers receiving nothing but rejection letters in return. He received great public response at Comdex in 2001 and decided to produce it himself. There was no Kickstater back then, so Jack handled all the funding, development and pr himself. Now, it’s on version 4 and available at Amazon for $89.95.

Via CoolTools


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