It’s never too early to mold your child into the genius you wish you were! With modern technology that far outclasses your prehistoric abacus, it seems like child prodigies are becoming more and more common in the modern family. So why not get your children ahead of the competition? While your neighbors’ four-year-old is still learning to eat with a spoon, introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of electronics.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, DFRobot’s LEGO-like BOSON kits will soon be available for purchase worldwide. Targeting young inventors, teachers, and the strangest electricians, these electronic building blocks break down the complicated jargon of circuits and make them easy to digest (the modules themselves aren’t edible, though).

Using a simple color code for inputs, outputs, functions, and power modules, the BOSON kits make learning electronics easy, understandable and free of having to teach a 3-year old how to properly hold a soldering iron. It doesn’t require coding or prior knowledge on the subject matter but, for the little ones already reprogramming your home security system with the Aurduino grampa bought them, can be used with Bluetooth 4.0, gesture control, comes with support for that Arduino and BBC micro:bit, and is compatible with Scratch programming language, Blockly, Python and JavaScript to get the most out of each module’s capabilities.

Even if you or your tyke don’t understand how the more complicated features work, anyone can figure out the plug-and-play magnetized blocks, which can be attached to each other, to LEGO blocks, or attached to items with magnets, screws or Velcro. Powered by 3 AAA batteries or standard 5V micro USB power, the BOSON kits allow creative minds to mix and match different modules to produce their very own Frankenstein monsters!

Creepy ball-stalking robot? Check.

Balloon-murdering apparatus (composed of an Intel Curie module that gives your machine pattern matching abilities)? Check.

A Lovecraftian duck with arms that obsesses over clothesline pin cats? The BOSON has got you covered as well.

Currently, there are over 50 modules (and more on the way) that can be mixed, matched, and tinkered with. Sure you won’t be able to create a tactical nuke within the confines of your own home, but a homemade 120 decibel burglar alarm with light sensor is practically the next best thing.

You can find out more about DFRobot’s electronic blocks on their Kickstarter page and keep an eye on their website for when they become available to the general public.


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