Well hello little tower workstations and welcome to the world “world’s most powerful rack workstation.” What’s that you say? You’re the new Precision workstation products from Dell? Don’t worry little chubblings, your prominent branding and genetic predisposition to accessible USB ports gives it all away. It’s true folks. Dell has announced the T1700 Small Form Factor (SFF) and Mini Tower (MT) entry-level tower workstations, touted as the smallest chassis available and, on the other end, they’ve released the R7610 rack mounted workstation with a load more power than its predecessor.

Dell T1700

Many computer manufacturers have been coming out with smaller, more compact and even all-in-one workstations, for which our legs and desktops are thankful. Dell shrinks the space consumption with the T1700 product to 14.17″ x 6.89″ x 17.13″ (360mm x 175mm x 435mm) for the Mini Tower and 11.42″ x 3.65″ x 12.28″ (290mm x 92.6mm x 312mm) for the Small Form Factor. Very tiny, but both pack a wallop. Both run the next-gen Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 processors, can handle up to 32GB of memory, 2.0TB of storage and pump up to three of your mid-range graphics cards. Pricing has yet to be announced for either, but look for that when the products launch on June 4th.

The Dell T1700 MT (on left) and the Dell T1700 SFF (on right).
The Dell T1700 MT (on left) and the Dell T1700 SFF (on right).

Dell R7610

At the other end–something many are less familiar with–a 2U rack-mounted workstation that’s a dream for your IT staff and tucks away neatly in a server room cabinet. The Dell Precision R7610 is an upgrade from the previous R5500. The unit supports virtualization via Citrix for up to 4 users via GPU-pass-through, has quad channel memory to run up to 256GB (512GB coming soon), supports ultra high-end GPU’s if needed and can hold up to 6 SATA 7200RPM 1.0TB drives or 512GB SSD drives. Pricing for these start at $2,179 and will be available starting May 21st.



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