Well, the fury of CES 2008 has ended and nothing is left of Las Vegas except what’s usually there and looking forward to better stuff next year. It’s was the typical flash and dazzle, new HDTVs and digital photo frames, but, there’s a handful of CAD related goodies you’re gonna want to see.

Alienware Curved Monitor
Good night, this is cool. Just look at it. It’s curved. I’d actually thought it would be thinner with all the thin monitor news lately and with the price tag Alienware puts on their stuff. Still, dang cool and will make your CAD models look very… curved? But, it’s not available yet. Gizmodo Coverage.


Linksys Wireless-N Gigabit Router
Perrty huh. Like the tarry blackness of the Internet’s soulless shell. But on a brighter note, you can suck some seriously huge models through the muggy office air at lightning fast speeds with one of these sucka. More at Linksys.


Sandio 3D Mouse
Ben from SolidMentor filled me in on this a couple weeks back and Sandio debuted it at CES. It’s a 6 DOF (Degree of Freedom) mouse with 16 programmable keys. Don’t want to use if for CAD? Fine, use it to navigate Google Earth or somethin’.


Windows Moblie 7.0
Maybe not so much CAD related, but a lot of people I know use a portable device with Windows 6.1 to manage their lives within the CAD-ridden path they’ve chosen. This one has a bunch of slick gesture stuff and better navigation. SolidWorks for Windows 7.0? hmmm. More Pics at InsideMicrosoft


Intel Core 2 Quad Processor
Personally, I’m partial to the AMD Phenom line but Intel introduced a line-up with one in close competition to the Pehnom 9500. Decide for yourself.
Intel Quad 2 Site


Dell 30″ UltraSharp
Maybe this monitor is more to your liking? And you can get it right now from Dell for a measly $2000. Hey, it does have 2560 x 1600 resolution for really wide spreadsheets and filling your screen with toolbars and such.


3DV Depth-sensing 3D video cam
Who needs a mouse anyway, that’s so 2007. I’m just gonna fiddle with the air and make a scale replica of a Star Destroyer-class Battlecruiser and some gaskets. This could actually free up space and add other aspects to working with 3D models. It’ll be a while though. Video and pics at CNet.


Other Notable
Bill Gates talks about 3D environments everywhere.
Delta7 debutes 3D open-lattice bike structure
Sony’s 27inch one million-to-one contrast ratio OLED TV


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