philips-3d-monitor.jpgA very new and very large report on 3D Technology came out this month that “takes a realistic view of 3D display technology and its future in the professional and consumer electronics sectors.”

Being familiar with developing a product in 3D, you may like to know 3D display technology is spreading and could affect how you use a computer or even how you watch TV.

You can’t view the entire report and it cost $5900 USD (3745 Euro) to gain insight into this developing technology, but some of the interesting highlights mentioned are:

  • 6 major display technologies
  • Compatible technology
  • 3D CAD Image Generation
  • 3D applications and markets
  • Human Factors of 3D displays
  • Roadmaps for technology
  • A list of 650+ companies, etc. involved in 3D display technology
  • 3D Printing

Cool Factor
You don’t need to read a 400 page report to know this tech is pretty cool.

Usually a report like this is to prove that (more) money should be put into research and development. Who know who did the study, but I have no doubt that these types of displays will be so common in the near future that they won’t even be referred to as 3D displays, just displays. And I doubt they’ll look like what were use to.

Via BusinessWire


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