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My Robot Nation. Your Very Own 3D Printed Robots [Promocode!]

06 Dec, 2011 by in DESIGN, FAB, TECH

Robots! And they’re sooooo adorable! Wait, that one looks like… yes! THE FUTURE. Boys and girls, what you’re about to see IS the future. A glimpse at custom-fab-to-hand ingenuity in the shape of a wee, 3D print of eventual human devouring goodness. Now, customized fab tech isn’t new, but My Robot Nation is making it look good and poised to start a toy manufacturing revolution with a web UI that allows you to create, share and gift robot designs of varying shape and attribute. Best of all, SolidSmack readers get a sweet holiday discount till the end of the year. Hit it!



3D Systems Adds a Bit More Color, Plans to Acquire ZCorp

22 Nov, 2011 by in FAB, NEWS

Whoa buddy, 3D Systems continues their 3D print related rampage through the additive manufacturing industry gobbling up companies to compliment their forward looking plans of content-to-print domination. It seems no company is safe from having MILLIONS of dollars thrown at them, if they’ve got the “strategic fit’ 3D Systems CEO, Abe Reichental, is looking for. With ZCorp it’s multi-color 3D printers, but don’t forget, they have those slick hand-held 3D Scanners as well. What’s it all mean?


3D Color Printing As Common As a Wooded Lot Tick Infestations. It’s Coming.

17 Feb, 2009 by in NEWS

zcorp-3d-printingYou’re probably thinking the same thing I am. Soon 3D printing will be just as sure a part of the design process as having to pluck ticks from your eyelids after a nosedive into a damp, brushy floor of a wooded hillside.

Barring analogies to lyme disease and the whole blood-sucking thing, it pretty obvious 3D printing is getting more common and the ‘pay-per-part’ market is starting to get a bit more of a following. What I wonder is where is 3D color printing in all of this?

Oh, and even more… I’m wondering what you think.