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My Robot Nation. Your Very Own 3D Printed Robots [Promocode!]

5 years ago

Robots! And they’re sooooo adorable! Wait, that one looks like… yes! THE FUTURE. Boys and girls, what you’re about to see IS the future. A glimpse at custom-fab-to-hand ingenuity in…


3D Systems Adds a Bit More Color, Plans to Acquire ZCorp

5 years ago

Whoa buddy, 3D Systems continues their 3D print related rampage through the additive manufacturing industry gobbling up companies to compliment their forward looking plans of content-to-print domination. It seems no…

3D Color Printing As Common As a Wooded Lot Tick Infestations. It’s Coming.

8 years ago

You’re probably thinking the same thing I am. Soon 3D printing will be just as sure a part of the design process as having to pluck ticks from your eyelids…