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Adobe Gives Linux the Finger, Makes Sweet Love with Chrome

22 Feb, 2012 by in NEWS

As of the next update, Linux users will have to use Chrome (or other as yet non-existent PPAPI compatible browsers) if they want to use the latest version of Flash. There is also speculation that Adobe is building an outdoor toilette for Linux users, and is planning the construction of “separate but equal” housing projects for them in the coming months.


FireFox3 Rocks Your Noodle at Noon CST

17 Jun, 2008 by in RESOURCES

Today is the official Download Day 2008 for the new version of the Firefox web browser. Their mission: to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours.

Since Firefox will probably be the first browser you use 3D CAD on in the future, you’ll probably want to download it. The improved performance is incredible. They’ve also improved add-on, bookmark and download managers as well as strengthened security against malware.

The download goes live at Noon CST (10am PDT).

Firefox 3

3D Coming to Your Browser: Google Earth Online

28 May, 2008 by in ROCKIN'

The Google I/O conference is in full swing with all sorts of goodies coming out. But, what’s really cool and going to affect how you view the world and map-based web apps in the future is the announcement of the Google Earth browser plugin.

No longer will you be isolated to two dimensions of movement with Google Maps. Google earth is all 3D and is one more step in bringing 3D visualization and usablility to the good ol’ internet. Plus, it’s open to developers to grow and manipulate.

“…there’s never been a way to build your own 3D web applications using Google Earth, the way you can with Google Maps… until now. you can…import 3D models from the web and overlay them anywhere on the planet …build 3D Google Sky mashups. You can also enable 3D buildings with a single line of JavaScript, …in the hopes that you’ll build the next great geo-based 3D application, and change (yet again) how we view the world.”

What does this mean for 3D Apps?
Right now this is just for mash-ups and visualization. We’re not creating 3D online yet. If nothing else, this plugin opens up the ideas that having large amounts of accessible 3D data online is possible. Building graphical program functionality into a web app, like Aviary Phoenix or Photoshop Express are doing, has been the highest reach, as of late, and performance is only as good as the bandwidth you have.

Developing parametric history-based or history free models online may seem like a far reach, but when the knowledge of both collide I think we’ll see some interesting advances with PLM, product design and how things are manufactured. CAD Mash-ups? PLM Life streams? Whatcha think?

Google LatLong

WebShop RoundUp: The Top 3 StoreFronts to Get Your Product Online Fast

11 Mar, 2008 by in RESOURCES

amazon-prestashop.jpgOh, the joys of putting a product online. All you want to do is get it out there. But what is the best way to actually do that without searching and testing and paying way too much for something really frustrating to use? Well, you’re in luck.

I’ve been looking at online web stores and merchants that offer something different from Ebay, PayPal, Yahoo and other Open Source solutions. I’m not really pleased with the features, pricing and usability of those and want something a bit easier for me and others to handle.

After trying some out and going through a lot of reviews, I’ve come down to three options that have the best overall features and accessibility.


Nikon’s New Interactive 3D-ish Website

03 Mar, 2008 by in ROCKIN'

nikon-logo.jpgI’m really enjoying the Nikon D40 I purchase a little while back. I was going to check out the new D60 and saw Nikon had a really slick new interface for the Nikon USA site.

The photos kinda hover ethereally in space until you move the pointer over them. When you click one, the photo zooms in as the others fly off the screen.

As new interface technologies start coming out it’s interesting to see how some of those ideas convert into GUI’s that seem to anticipate to coming of a 3d-floaty-environment with bright lights and airy music…or ‘sumin. Check out the floatin’ photo goodness.