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Wacom’s New Paper Smartpads Instantly Turn Your Analog Sketches Into Digital Vectors

3 weeks ago

While known primarily for creating products that digitize analog gestures via a pressure-sensitive stylus, Wacom’s focus as of late has been on extending this experience back over to native analog…


Level Up Your CAD Game Using a Stylus and the Wacom Intuos Pro

1 month ago

Whether you’re a next-level design sketching mastermind or a quick-on-your-feet CAD rockstar (or both!), chances are you’ve considered bringing a Wacom tablet into your digital workflow –– if you haven’t…


CAD with a Stylus. It’s a thing.

2 months ago

My last post was ostensibly about my new SpaceMouse, but within half an hour I had not less than five different people ask about my stylus. What the what? Stylus?…


Wacom’s New Bamboo Spark Lets Users Seamlessly Sync Analog Sketches to the Cloud

1 year ago

When it comes to saving sketches digitally, we’ve seen nearly every possible tool or gadget that could possibly be conceived: touchscreen stylus designs that emulate analog pens, sketchbooks that make…


The Sensel Morph Brings Pressure-Sensitive, Multi-Touch Capabilities to Your Digital Devices

1 year ago

When you’re marketing your product as “the first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device that enables users to interact with the digital world like never before” in today’s age of portable Cintiq…


Inklet App Transforms Apple’s New Force Touch Trackpad into a Drawing Tablet

1 year ago

Along with a host of other announcements at Apple’s Spring Forward event earlier this month was the announcement of an entirely new keyboard and trackpad system that focuses on more…


Astropad Wants to Replace Your Wacom Tablet with an iPad App

2 years ago

Ever since the first iPad was released in 2010, the discussion regarding what the best portable digital sketching tool or tool combination is has only grown more complicated over the…


Wacom Announces New Cintiq 27QHD and Cintiq Companion 2

2 years ago

Considered by many to be one of the most important peripherals in a designer or design engineer’s toolkit, Wacom pen displays and tablets have been seeing some rather dramatic improvements…


Review: Wacom’s Pressure-Sensitive Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad

3 years ago

Product designers who have found success using the iPad as a sketchbook are a rare breed: it takes patience and pre-existing skill to successfully communicate your ideas with large nubs…