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Tools for Spring: The Leatherman Tread Wrist-Worn Multi-Tool

1 month ago

“Head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes our way” – Steppenwolf, Born to be Wild. Move over pocket-ripping and bulky multi-tools! Portland, Oregon-based Leatherman Tools has…


Make Your Prototypes on the Go with This 8-in-1 Portable Workshop

2 months ago

Although living in a big city may have a seemingly endless list of perks for many, living in a cultural epicenter with millions of other people is not without its…


FiftyThree Releases All Premium Drawing Tools for Free in Paper Sketching App

3 months ago

For those who prefer starting their ideation sketching sessions on an iPad, there’s a good chance that FiftyThree’s Paper has been tried at least a few times – if it…


DIY Weekend Smack 08: The 5-Step Ultimate Hammer

8 months ago

It’s Friday, and you know what that means here on The Smack: time for another DIY project to add to your weekend plan arsenal. If you’re like us, you have…


Tool Pen: A Multi-Tool Pen Inspired by a Cheap Pencil Design

10 months ago

Open up the pockets or bag of your nearest design or engineer buddy and you’re bound to find at least a couple of common items: a sketchbook, a pen, a…


DIY Weekend Smack 03: Under Desk Tool Drawer

10 months ago

When you live in expensive cities like London, every inch in your apartment is like prime real estate space, teaching you the art of multi-purposing the interiors. DIY fan Jude…


Use This Gear Template Generator to Crank Your Creations

3 years ago

Who loves wooden gears? We do! We do! Wooden hand high five all around for a tool that helps you create the gears and the templates to crank those creations….

Finger. TableSaw. I Dare You.

6 years ago

Nobody wants bloody digits laying about, cluttering up a finely dusted workshop floor. That’s just bad business. That’s why this one, designed in SolidWorks, is made to leave your nubs…