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DIY Weekend Smack 08: The 5-Step Ultimate Hammer

5 months ago

It’s Friday, and you know what that means here on The Smack: time for another DIY project to add to your weekend plan arsenal. If you’re like us, you have…


Tool Pen: A Multi-Tool Pen Inspired by a Cheap Pencil Design

7 months ago

Open up the pockets or bag of your nearest design or engineer buddy and you’re bound to find at least a couple of common items: a sketchbook, a pen, a…


DIY Weekend Smack 03: Under Desk Tool Drawer

7 months ago

When you live in expensive cities like London, every inch in your apartment is like prime real estate space, teaching you the art of multi-purposing the interiors. DIY fan Jude…


Use This Gear Template Generator to Crank Your Creations

3 years ago

Who loves wooden gears? We do! We do! Wooden hand high five all around for a tool that helps you create the gears and the templates to crank those creations….

Finger. TableSaw. I Dare You.

6 years ago

Nobody wants bloody digits laying about, cluttering up a finely dusted workshop floor. That’s just bad business. That’s why this one, designed in SolidWorks, is made to leave your nubs…