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New Fusion 360 Fast Track Program Aimed at Users Migrating from SolidWorks

2 weeks ago

Between Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks’ recent announcements of their SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs program (which has created some confusion for existing small businesses and freelancers) and an update to their subscription policy…


The New SolidWorks Subscription Late Policy (and How to Avoid It)

4 weeks ago

When it comes to CAD software, there’s likely no topic more divisive than that of maintenance fees. Ahh, fabulous subscription service–the additional yearly charge, on top of any license cost, which typically…


Frame Officially Launches to Bring Any Windows Application to the Cloud

1 month ago

Since they started coming up in CAD in the Cloud discussions earlier this year, Frame (fra.me) has shown no signs of slowing down their pursuit of allowing users to put…


Dell’s First Rugged Windows Tablet Designed to Withstand Harsh Shop Environments

1 month ago

As we move towards a more streamlined, always-anywhere, Cloud-connected computing experience however, it’s becoming more common for users to want to take their hardware into more demanding conditions outside of…


Frame Secures $10 Million to Put All of Your Apps (Yes, Including SolidWorks) in the Cloud

2 months ago

The last time we checked in with Frame – the cloud platform that lets users run any software from within their browser – we had the chance to chat with…


Autodesk Bundles Fusion 360 Ultimate Features Into Much Cheaper Fusion 360

4 months ago

As if the release of Onshape back in March of this year didn’t spin the CAD world into a frenzy, things are only about to get a little more crazy…


This Laser Cut Mechanical Hand is the Perfect Desk Toy for a Mechanical Engineer

4 months ago

As far as desk toys and “random stuff to keep around for inspiration” goes, everybody has their own tastes and preferences. While some may prefer bright and colorful vinyl toys…


Optimizing the Design Process: When to Design Fast and Loose Versus by the Book

5 months ago

We live in a world full of amazing design software and hi-tech automated machines. These “tools” are designed to reduce design cycle times and leverage productivity. Companies spend a lot…


The New SolidWorks Manufacturing Network Wants to Streamline Your Prototyping Process

6 months ago

Although there might have been some questions left unanswered at last week’s SolidWorks World, there were still some announcements that are sure to please a lot of users – even…