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Introducing the Cadjunkie ‘Hump Day’ Weekly SolidWorks and MODO Tips and Tricks

5 days ago

EvD Media’s very own Adam O’Hern has been busy concocting various new awesome sauce CAD tutorials over at cadjunkie. The industrial design video training site features hundreds of videos ranging…


Plethora Gives You Instant Quotes to Machine Your SolidWorks or Inventor Parts

3 weeks ago

There are five things I want after designing a part–a damn part, damn fast. 3D printing was suppose to be the revolutionary technology that made all our manufacturing woes go…

Don’t Be Stupid (a SolidWorks bracelet)

1 month ago

As the sweat beads drip across my sun-scorched face, my mouse hand quivers and cracks in the cruel dry heat. “This was a bad plan.” I think to myself. “Setting up an outdoor office in the middle of the Mojave looked good on paper, but the reality is rather different.” If only I’d been wearing my bracelet, this never would have happened.

MCAD Forums: Surface a Skateboard Deck in SolidWorks

1 month ago

We’re workin’ on something pretty smokin’ for The Smack this week, and in the process we put together a quick tutorial. Check it out on MCADForums. While you’re there, consider posting a question or something so we can make fun of it help out. Have fun kids.


Luxion KeyShot 5 Reviewed: A Faster and Leaner Addition to the Product Designer’s Toolkit

2 months ago

When it comes to rendering a 3D model, there are generally two directions one could go in: a drag and drop solution or a fine-tuned custom solution with more dials…


Flatter Files: A Digital Flat File Cabinet for Product Designers

2 months ago

Implementing a fully digital drawing workflow from end to end is a desire of many companies. The digital workflow should be divided into two categories: the workflow for drawing creation…

Maker Galaxy E23: Live at GrabCAD HQ with CEO Hardi Meybaum

2 months ago

We’re always talking about the future of design, the future of technology, the future of MAKING. In a world where digital pens will allow design museum visitors to create and…

Cadjunkie Launches Smack-Tastic Downloadable SolidWorks Courses

3 months ago

Leave it up to industrial designer Adam O’Hern and his industrial design training site cadjunkie to sharpen those SolidWorks Ninja skills. Released today, the new and improved course pages for…

Maker Galaxy E17: CAD in the Cloud with Tech Soft 3D

4 months ago

We’re always talking about the future of design, the future of technology, the future of MAKING. In a world where indie rock bands can offer on-demand 3D printable band merchandise…