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Behind the Design | Designing for Impact with the GravityLight

2 months ago

While those in the Western world may not think twice about flipping the light switch on at night, off-grid communities such as those in sub–Saharan African have come to rely…


SolidWorks ‘Apps For Kids’ Is A Capture It, Shape It, Print It Pack of Possibility

8 months ago

When I was a kid, our “modeling app” was a pile of mud and a stick. Two sticks if we were lucky. Nowadays kids have more apps than they can…


SolidWorks Xdesign, Innovation Platform and What It All Means

8 months ago

SolidWorks World 2016 left 7,000 people overloaded by breakout sessions, inspired by customers, and smelling of the finest barbecue in the world. While the General Sessions were a bit all…


Your Hopes, Fears and Dreams. What Do You Want To Hear From SolidWorks?

8 months ago

It’s the first day of February, 2016. Time for the biggest CAD industry event for a single software package. SolidWorks World 2016 is on and there’s an ethereal feel in…


Model Of the Week: Tri-Sphere By Simon Williamson

8 months ago

Today, we’re bringing back a segment that lapsed into a coma and suddenly awoke recently with a direct punch to an exposed solar plexus. Model of the Week: the best…


Autodesk Introduces Full Browser CAD in the Form of Project Leopard

10 months ago

When Onshape came out swinging earlier this year, it was speculated that whether users chose to use the new full browser CAD program or not, it would change the greater…


Amiga Fan Raises Over $100K on Kickstarter to Put Old Cases Back Into Production

12 months ago

As Moore’s Law continues to grant us ridiculously powerful computers that we can fit inside of our pockets, the experience of using some of the earliest personal desktop computers continues…


The State of Subscription Pricing | Autodesk, SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Onshape

1 year ago

There’s a shift going on in the 3D CAD industry. The shift from perpetual license pricing to monthly subscription pricing. Some will bring up those who have tried it before,…


New Fusion 360 Fast Track Program Aimed at Users Migrating from SolidWorks

1 year ago

Between Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks’ recent announcements of their SolidWorks for Entrepreneurs program (which has created some confusion for existing small businesses and freelancers) and an update to their subscription policy…