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Moleskine’s New PRO Collection Wants to Bridge Your Creativity and Productivity

1 day ago

When it comes to sketchbooks, most people have a tried and true formula that ranges from specific binding styles and paper types to stacks of whichever recycled paper is available…


Friday Smackdown: Sap Swindler

4 months ago

It was a long corridor woven with vines and beast furs, damp yet glittered with the lightening all around. Who would they find? The one they sought. Dry, old, stacked…


Be Ridiculous: New Short Film Explores the Mind of British Inventor Dominic Wilcox

5 months ago

For some, working between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology seems like a part of your everyday workflow. For inventor Dominic Wilcox, these means literally taking objects and…


Behind the Design: The (Re)Making of an Already-Successful Quirky Product

12 months ago

Along with other Quirky hits such as the more recent Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner, the Pivot Power falls in line with one of Quirky’s well-positioned design strategies: make existing…


New Documentary Explores Why More People Than Ever Are Turning to Analog Tools in a Digital Era

12 months ago

If you were asked to present a sketch for a new product design concept in the next ten minutes, there’s a good chance you would probably reach for a pen…


Tool Pen: A Multi-Tool Pen Inspired by a Cheap Pencil Design

1 year ago

Open up the pockets or bag of your nearest design or engineer buddy and you’re bound to find at least a couple of common items: a sketchbook, a pen, a…


Toaster Extrudles: Analyzing the Emerging 3D Printer Pen Industry (Part 2 of 2)

2 years ago

In theory, if I were to take a hot glue gun and adapt a CNC-machined nozzle with a heat-sink on it to replace the existing glue-gun nozzle, then I could…


Toaster Extrudles: Analyzing the Emerging 3D Printer Pen Industry (Part 1 of 2)

2 years ago

Several months ago, the world was presented with the “3Doodler”—at the time, a conceptual analog device proclaimed to be the world’s first 3D printing pen. After achieving much notoriety, esteem…


Need to Hit ‘Refresh’? 10 Great Free Resources for Product Design Students and Professionals

2 years ago

Stepping back into the school routine after a summer of endless squirt gun fights, milk chugging competitions, and road trips to obscure Route 66 destinations can be hard…we’ve been there….