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Tool Pen: A Multi-Tool Pen Inspired by a Cheap Pencil Design

2 months ago

Open up the pockets or bag of your nearest design or engineer buddy and you’re bound to find at least a couple of common items: a sketchbook, a pen, a…


Toaster Extrudles: Analyzing the Emerging 3D Printer Pen Industry (Part 2 of 2)

10 months ago

In theory, if I were to take a hot glue gun and adapt a CNC-machined nozzle with a heat-sink on it to replace the existing glue-gun nozzle, then I could…


Toaster Extrudles: Analyzing the Emerging 3D Printer Pen Industry (Part 1 of 2)

10 months ago

Several months ago, the world was presented with the “3Doodler”—at the time, a conceptual analog device proclaimed to be the world’s first 3D printing pen. After achieving much notoriety, esteem…


Need to Hit ‘Refresh’? 10 Great Free Resources for Product Design Students and Professionals

12 months ago

Stepping back into the school routine after a summer of endless squirt gun fights, milk chugging competitions, and road trips to obscure Route 66 destinations can be hard…we’ve been there….


Copic Markers Releasing Color Chips for Accurate Color Throughout Entire Design Process

1 year ago

Between incorporating their color library into Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro and providing drool-worthy retail displays, Copic is stepping up their marker game even further with the upcoming release of 288 color…


Pogo Connect Pressure-Sensitive iPad Stylus: After 4 Months of Use, How Does it Hold Up?

2 years ago

Having been a user of Wacom pressure-sensitive products for years, my expectations going into testing the Pogo Connect pressure-sensitive iPad stylus were set at a pretty high bar. Up until…


FiftyThree Releases Update for iPad Paper App; Colorists Rejoice

2 years ago

For those ‘Paper Junkies’ out there, your world just got a whole lot more colorful. FiftyThree has released a much-anticipated color upgrade to their Paper app, as well as a…


Fully Reviewed: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

3 years ago

I declared a couple of months ago that Lenovo had marketed its ThinkPad Tablet to the wrong crowd. It’s 10″ screen and pressure sensitive stylus made it stick out as…


The Inkling. Wacom Finds a New Way to Get Sketchy

3 years ago

Today Wacom announced the Inkling,  a new digital/ballpoint sketch pen that captures your real world sketches digitally for easy manipulation/refinement later. Say what? It digitizes your sketches so you can…