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From Engineering to Art. The Amazing Sketchbook of Shaun Mullen

4 years ago

You’re sitting in a design review meeting. In a conference room. The dull buzz of the fluorescent lights match the mono-tone static of some voice in the room, but who…

Get your Droid On…and Sketchbook Mobile on Your Droid.

4 years ago

It’s grueling isn’t it? Every time you turn your Droid on and start nub flickin’ the screen through your favorite apps, there’s that special one always missing. That app which…

Win 1 Million Splash Screen Spankings with the Sketchbook Hero Contest

4 years ago

Yellow is for me graphic by Azrol Kassim using Sketchbook Pro You remember that time you won a spanking for sketching all over your little brother with permanent marker? No?…

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for iPad. Wacom and Photoshop Killer? *Update*

5 years ago

This Saturday, the end of people droning on about awesome iPhone apps ends and the start of people droning on about awesome iPad apps… begins. Yes, the iPad is here….

Autodesk University 2009 Quick Fact, Photo Smack-up #AU2009

5 years ago

You know when you’re walking in the park and a pigeon flies straight into your face? Autodesk University is not like that at all. It’s actually rather like a flock…

SketchBook Mobile 1.1 Update, Rocks the iPhone Sketchin’ Even More.

5 years ago

Goodbye Adobe, Brushes, Layers and anyone else trying to dominate the iPhone Sketch app market. AutoDesk just release the 1.1 update to their Sketchbook Mobile app. I just upgraded and…

Tap, Sketch, ROCK. AutoDesk SketchBook Mobile Hits the iPhone

6 years ago

Today, from the great wild yonder of the iTunes App store comes the design tool of the century, or at least the next few days. Whatever you call it, if…