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So You Want to Be a Design Engineer? Here’s Five Tips for Landing Your First (Real) Job

1 year ago

As a young block builder, you loved LEGO and would fly through the kits before quickly moving beyond build tutorials to creating your own unique creations using items from around…


Students! Spruce up Your Portfolio This Summer with These Two Free Portfolio Handbooks

1 year ago

Regardless of which stage of your career you’re in, having recent and relevant documentation of your work can oftentimes be just as important as the work itself – whether you’re…


Need to Hit ‘Refresh’? 10 Great Free Resources for Product Design Students and Professionals

3 years ago

Stepping back into the school routine after a summer of endless squirt gun fights, milk chugging competitions, and road trips to obscure Route 66 destinations can be hard…we’ve been there….


Looking for a career booster? Update your portfolio with this handy guide.

4 years ago

Regardless if you’re fresh out of school or a 14 year veteran, it’s never too late to update your portfolio to today’s standards. The University of Cincinnati’s Class of 2012…


Google+. Collaborative Portfolio, Yes. Product Design, Not So Much.

5 years ago

If you’ve been anywhere besides knitting doilies, mulching a garden or knee deep in clam-chowder, you’ve likely heard, seen or felt the social repercussions of Google’s new network site, Google+….