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Friday Smackdown: Cuttlefish Backlash

1 week ago

The sea was it. Salty air, stormy waters and if you hung your jowls above the surface as the sun was setting, the tentacles of speckle-throated Cuttlefish gently slap your…


Friday Smackdown: Dark as Ink

2 weeks ago

Catch them, the wiles, the frozen pots of two. Wrapped¬†and bent around the child, as he bid them to, lift him him up and throw his arrows made of dust…


Friday Smackdown: Sand Imp Shrill Bash

3 weeks ago

Wet towels and pencil shavings were not the usual waste left by the weekend party crowd. Somehow the sand imps and moss trolls had fastened their battleground to our deck,…


Friday Smackdown: Happy Strands

1 month ago

Blocks were stacked pyramidically across the barren landscape, dust wafting off the rusted surface. Their eastern edges moss-stained, both reaching and stayed by the sun, were the fence we peered…


Friday Smackdown: Multi-faceted Skin Flaps

1 month ago

The porcelain structure beneath its transparent, multi-faceted skin flaps, glowed like the oil-laden breast of the fire swallow. We had our brushes with them in the past, usually hiding just…


Friday Smackdown: Sap Swindler

2 months ago

It was a long corridor woven with vines and beast furs, damp yet glittered with the lightening all around. Who would they find? The one they sought. Dry, old, stacked…


Friday Smackdown: Wiry Threads of Grass

2 months ago

It rains, and the thunder collapses. Wiry threads of grass, crumple across its back, small actuators and the glow from multiple lenses glistening with the light of dawn. They use…


Friday Smackdown: Clank Split Portside

3 months ago

A wind blew that hadn’t since the days we bore through the outer hull. Long before it was but metal clanks, a photo and endless picking at the wall with…


Friday Smackdown: Vein Blade Pop-Out

4 months ago

A small plan hatched from beneath an elderberry tree. The five had their suits, goggles, razor loaded pulse rifles and a penchant for adventure. Once aboard the carrier high overhead,…