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HP Expands ‘Blended Reality’ Ecosystem to Finally Include Full 3D Scanning Capabilities

11 months ago

Although HP officially announced their ‘Blended Reality’ Ecosystem and Sprout immersive computer in late October of 2014, it’s taken a full eight months for the company to follow up with…


HP Announces ‘Blended Reality’ Ecosystem With New 3D Printer and Immersive Computer

2 years ago

On a quiet street dotted with art galleries in New York City this morning, HP announced that they have developed a new ‘vision’ of the future of content creation and…


The HP Z1… First 27″ All-In-One Workstation

4 years ago

HP has delivered up the new HP Z1 line, a beefy new all-in-one workstation with 27 inches of IPS display catered toward the 3D and graphics professional. The slightly chunky…