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HP Expands ‘Blended Reality’ Ecosystem to Finally Include Full 3D Scanning Capabilities

8 months ago

Although HP officially announced their ‘Blended Reality’ Ecosystem and Sprout immersive computer in late October of 2014, it’s taken a full eight months for the company to follow up with…


HP Announces ‘Blended Reality’ Ecosystem With New 3D Printer and Immersive Computer

1 year ago

On a quiet street dotted with art galleries in New York City this morning, HP announced that they have developed a new ‘vision’ of the future of content creation and…


The HP Z1… First 27″ All-In-One Workstation

4 years ago

HP has delivered up the new HP Z1 line, a beefy new all-in-one workstation with 27 inches of IPS display catered toward the 3D and graphics professional. The slightly chunky…