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The 2D Trifecta is Complete. DraftSight for Linux Now Available

6 years ago

Three different versions of a free 2D CAD program made for three different operating systems, doesn’t exactly make a program 3D, but times are lean and we’ll take what we…

Autodesk Beat to the Punch. DraftSight for Mac Now Available… Free

6 years ago

With all the software release news as of late, your 2D CAD on a Mac dreams are either a repeating nightmare or a pleasure feast of .dmg delight. First with…

ARES Commander. First 2D CAD on the Mac Released. DraftSight Next?

6 years ago

Deep outta the heart of Berlin, Germany comes news for the user who enjoys the planar bliss of X and Y coordinates… and wears a shirt that say, “I do…


Dassault Kicks 2D to the Curb. Launches Free 2D, DraftSight

6 years ago

Even though it’s just 2D, this makes the whole line-by-line drawing space much more interesting. DraftSight brings a full set of 2D drawing features to users and has full .dwg…