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Friday Smackdown: Wood Keggin’ Bebop

7 days ago

Crooked fence posts propped up its torso and surly demeanor, clanking a grin as spindles and pumps whirred beneath the translucent neck skin. A movement would send tremors, with keg…


Friday Smackdown: A Jolt of Whistles

2 weeks ago

Around the castle it crept, a small, yet indecipherable gurgle of bones shifting. It was tall, lanky and faceless, yet with a whistle like a canary heard after a jolt…


Friday Smackdown: Sprill Bojocky

3 weeks ago

Sitting betwixt the legs of the elderberry roots, its eyes peered out. Not one, or two, or three, but eight at least, moving separately, then together, watching. Low to the…


Friday Smackdown: Cata-rocka-lopulous

4 weeks ago

Jumped off the ledge, the hammer fell, the blast rang out and the monstrosity of a caterpillar was no more. Usually smaller, but this one had been feasting. We hadn’t…


Triangle Speaker Design Makes You Want to Shove Sound in Every Corner

4 weeks ago

When it comes to quality Hi-Fi speakers the phrase “shove it in the corner” doesn’t necessarily come to mind, but that’s exactly what Montreal-based Nepsu wants you to do with…


Friday Smackdown: Furble Grove

1 month ago

The trees towered, a grove of five just in front of us, a path around, and a trail of its fur, scales and laughter all along. We drew our bows,…


Friday Smackdown: Blood Weaver

1 month ago

The blades buckled beneath the yarn. Paws were not meant to be that dexterous, but his training in the textile arts had surpassed even that of the nomadic mural weavers…


Friday Smackdown: Biz Tendrils

2 months ago

Somehow, we were able to chop our way through the tendrils. As they grew back, a vocalizing noise of business lingo, land management deals and making strawberry metropolitans echoed around…


Friday Smackdown: Crumble the Meat Gourd

2 months ago

The Crumbling Cliffs. That’s where the creature lived, but nary a soul had seen it. Oblong-shaped and bent,¬†with a single leg and, what looked like, a meat slicer off each…