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Friday Smackdown: Shards of Awesome

2 years ago

When the bowls fell against the ground, the silence shattered, the kicks flew and spatters of oatmeal hit those in the blast radius. Any area of exposed skin was… well,…

patrick_hovering copy

Get Your Mind to da Choppa!

4 years ago

Yes, it’s a helicopter controlled by your brain. Something I never thought possible in my lifetime, let alone commercialized, but there you have it. The Puzzlebox Orbit is a toy…


Augmented Reality Router

4 years ago

Okay, you know the rule. You can only cut once. Not twice, not thrice. But once. And when you have powertools, your mistakes are magnified. Curse be to the Human…


“Escher” that’s Real? Depending on your Perspective…

4 years ago

M.C. Escher, one of the great rappers of art and mathematics, whose work has been plastered across college dorm rooms and famous galleries alike for decades. His work has been…

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Nothing to Sneeze at: New Developments in Microscopic 3D Printing

4 years ago

And while Australia is going big with 3D Printing, Austria is going the opposite direction. The Vienna University of Technology has developed a method for 3D Printing on a microscopic…


Cooking With CAD: Google and Peter Thiel Get on Board with 3D Printed Food

4 years ago

Home-cooked meals are supposed to be special. They’re also supposed to be organic, free-range, cruelty-free, gourmet meals custom-made to suit your desires – because everyone’s picky. And why not? 3D…

060606.galaxy3 copy

Warp Through the Universe, Courtesy of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

4 years ago

When you saw Star Wars or Star Trek for the first time as a kid, the space travel scenes were pretty kickass. Especially on the big screen – it seemed…


Your Steampunk Ride of Choice – A Full Metal Octopus

4 years ago

Sean Charlesworth is a digital designer from New York, and no doubt, 20,000 leagues beyond his colleagues. His OPUS V is a 3D printed, sea-punk submersible, his final project for…

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The zSpace Display: A Real Hands-on 3D Experience

4 years ago

Okay, I admit. It’s more like a ‘Pen-on’ experience, but you get the idea. Why point and click on a model with a mouse on an ol’ 2D screen when…