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Friday Smackdown: Tortilla Shield

3 days ago

The rice grains pelted our faces–our faces shielded by pan-seared tortillas, haha! The joke was on them. Not even the soggy, beef soaked jabs of their tendrils could turn us…


Friday Smackdown: Melon Shanty Pinstripes

1 week ago

Four pinstripes and a melon. That’s all the payment we could gather. Down among the shantie with tattered cloth and mud holding make-shift walls to the ground, droids would peek…


Friday Smackdown: Swollen Belly Meats

2 weeks ago

“What a large box of meats!” said I, hiding the pan of heated oil behind the swollen belly of a grossly oversized Patagonian Cavy. They looked at me puzzled, shimmying…


Friday Smackdown: Steel Toed Shift Kicker

3 weeks ago

Sauntering she stepped. The steel toed shift of air against steal echoed up through its structure. Side-stepping something that had tried before, she climbed, slow at first, then with speed,…


Friday Smackdown: Rabbit Banshees

1 month ago

A fine mist settled, thin against the green bladed spears that jutted above. With an icy silence we stepped slowly, wanting to run, to duck and cover ourselves with the…


Friday Smackdown: Grackle Smash

1 month ago

They spread from the ground like black ink from a swollen tear duct. How would ink come to be in a tear duct? Well, when the virus takes hold, you…


Friday Smackdown: Cup O’ Chug

1 month ago

We flew around the peak. The moss fires put us in a orange haze and gave the air a sappy taste. We wouldn’t be able to set down anywhere nearby,…


Friday Smackdown: Bif Boom Snap

2 months ago

And so it went, on and on, the taps against the wood, the cracks along the grain. It went dark, and the sound all but stop. A long breath out…


Friday Smackdown: Hair Bubbles

2 months ago

The bubbles rose in front of our faces, nearly lifting us off the plateau along with the wee furry beasts from whence the bubbles exploded out of their neck hairs,…