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Friday Smackdown: Flare Pop Face Jiggle

1 day ago

The flares flew, hitting against the fiber shell of our helmets. Sparks fell like the bright casts of rake beetles after sipping warm lava from a rock mop bucket. The…


Friday Smackdown: Flute Chewer

1 week ago

‘Wow,’ it said in an electronic voice close to the noise one makes when burned with a hot flask of fermented herring. We were shocked. First, that it spoke, or…


Friday Smackdown: Wee Eel Soliloquy

1 month ago

The tickle came not from the left, but from the right, along the edge of the ear then into the canal. Once the tail disappeared, so did the tickles. All…


Friday Smackdown: Dehydrated Jelly

1 month ago

The container was split. All but two poured out, staying inside to ingest the remains. Every jar in the warehouse was infected. More came falling from the rafters, their furry…


Friday Smackdown: Fur by day, Ice by Night

2 months ago

They brandished their coils, sharp, fearsome, dripping with the ink of ages. A nonlethal threat should they dry, buy nay, not a day past without a letter, a sketch, a…


Friday Smackdown: Candy Laden Furballs

2 months ago

When you’ve thrown all the plates and have begun tossing furballs laden with gum and colorful candies, you shouldn’t be surprised if they come flying back at you. For the…


Friday Smackdown: Moss Slabs of Memphis

3 months ago

Early in those days the floor was covered with it. Not just the floors, but also the walls, the paths, the feed store and occasionally a small mammal that sat…


Friday Smackdown: Red Plant Gases

3 months ago

There they were, five of the baby yak mice walking along the stream, the wind blowing their wispy beards, not a care in the world, and yet is was such…


Friday Smackdown: Chill Squirrel Gnaw

3 months ago

The chill was a jagged bolt that cut through the air. Many had fallen on that frozen grass, snowflakes and men, still to this day. Most had expressions of, “Get me a…