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Friday Smackdown: Furble Grove

5 days ago

The trees towered, a grove of five just in front of us, a path around, and a trail of its fur, scales and laughter all along. We drew our bows,…


Friday Smackdown: Blood Weaver

2 weeks ago

The blades buckled beneath the yarn. Paws were not meant to be that dexterous, but his training in the textile arts had surpassed even that of the nomadic mural weavers…


Friday Smackdown: Biz Tendrils

3 weeks ago

Somehow, we were able to chop our way through the tendrils. As they grew back, a vocalizing noise of business lingo, land management deals and making strawberry metropolitans echoed around…


Friday Smackdown: Crumble the Meat Gourd

4 weeks ago

The Crumbling Cliffs. That’s where the creature lived, but nary a soul had seen it. Oblong-shaped and bent,¬†with a single leg and, what looked like, a meat slicer off each…


Friday Smackdown: Swarm Roar

1 month ago

Captured in the rain and looking toward the hill, we ran. The rumble of the swarm oscillated with the falling water to the point we couldn’t hear our own footsteps….


Friday Smackdown: Greepler PudgyToe

1 month ago

He was a kind old soul, trudging to and fro. Where there wasn’t a path, he would spend days making one with his wooden spoon, large feet and a whistle…


Friday Smackdown: The Grillery

2 months ago

We wrapped a few of them in toasted cheese curdles and a donut. “Don’t worry, you’ll realize the potential after you taste it.” That’s what she kept saying, but we…


Friday Smackdown: Avocado Monster

2 months ago

We would pop a few over the fence, just to hear the reaction. It was usually a grumble of sorts, a low guttural sound of pre-digested enzymes breaking down the…


Friday Smackdown: Bucket of Wet Rolls

2 months ago

We had already eaten our fill when they wheeled out the largest bucket we had ever seen–it’s why they had removed the wall and fitted that senile, old robot lady…