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Friday Smackdown: Seven Foot Hat

18 Apr, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

Pans and pans, stacks and stands of them. The old shopkeeper smiling out from their tops had a new hat. A red one, seven feet tall covered in pockets and hands with flutes and pot scrubbers, all preparing for these links.

Simon Stalenhag – New work from Simon. Small bots, salvage yards and urban settings in a convincing future world.
ring juggling – Mesmerizing. Lindzee Poi with Eight Rings, demonstrating how they work to provide the illusion. No video magic here.
James Fennell – Has a way of capturing the size and grandeur of interiors from around the world.
Omega – A stop-motion animated short has us follow a mechanical creature through a wasteland, searching. Interesting landscapes and even more interesting creatures.
World’s fastest workout – A graphic that breaks down the World’s fastest workout–how it works, what it benefits and how to do it. App included.
Car UX – The inside front console of cars, lots of cars, from Audi to VW. A nice set of concept images as well.
Action Bill – More stop-motion. This time it’s Lego, a time-travelling William Shatner in a robot on the hunt for William Shakespeare.
Brand it – A free branding mock-up, with all you need to make that mark standout. Hi-res .psd and more on the site.
Sick edit – Weekend project. Make a sick mountain bike edit. Go.


Friday Smackdown: Funk Chunkin’

11 Apr, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

A long smile and cantankerous sneer sent the chill of an afternoon storm through the room. Hardly standing but tiptoeing deftly across each board, between snores it seemed, avoiding the cracks as not to trigger these links.

Rebecca Monk – Elegant illustration with some that reveal much more with simple motion of an object, a screen, time with crisp colors and beautiful approach to light and shadow.
New York Numbers – Oh, the array of typography used for the numbers that adorn the buildings, byways and streets of New York City. Lovely photos of many and many more to come.
Adventure awaits – Leave it to a butter maker to create the best 2001: A Space Odyssey parody using vegetables, cookware, a microwave and a gas cooktop.
Dues Ex – Inside Dues Ex Machina in Milano, Italy that has it all–motorcycles, bicycles, clothing and keychains. Stop by, say hi, grab some gear.
Fire + cornstarch – Crazy Russian Hacker shows you how to breath fire, using corn starch and a open flame. You should probably do this outside.
Darcy – Here’s your cute dose for the rest of the week. Darcy is a wee pet Hedgehog which totally makes me want to get a wee pet Hedgehog.
Stunts – New music video from Ravenyards featuring lots of colorful light patterns mapped across the faces of the band members as they sing to a funky electro-pop rhythm.


Friday Smackdown: Sudsing Rhino

04 Apr, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

What’s the rhino doing in the soap bottle? You would have asked it, yet stranger still was its size. A wee rhino. In a soap bottle. Sudsing about. And it occurs to you, that the muffled melody you hear is coming from that place, a rhino in a bottle with these links to pass the day.

Charlie Immer – Somewhat colorful, somewhat gortesque, but nonetheless ‘buttery bloody goodness dripping and floating through the foliage’ amongst other delights.
Life Hacks – 10 life hacks from 100 years ago, that could be just as helpful today, like how to stop a mad dog or rig a water filter.
The Expert – We’ve all been in these meetings. There are likely a few thousand of them going on right now. Fortunately, there are experts who can do anything.
Famous people hate me – Jim. Ugh, that guy. Famous people hate him, probably because, by doing this, he is gaining more notoriety than they.
Artic in Pink – Gotta love some Kodak Aerochrome 120. Daniel Zvereff hits the icy landscape with a pack and brings back amazing imagery.
Bibo – The wallpaper is nice, but the story of an ice cream selling robot is even more profound.
New York Storefronts – Yes, more photography. What it looked like then, and what it looks like now. The year gone by in New York City.
The Tempest – New video for Throwing Snow, aka Ross Tones, with just the right amount of rich repetition, cymbals slaps, dry beats and an ethereal sound to slip into the weekend unscathed.


Friday Smackdown: Mossy Newt Warriors

28 Mar, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

Round the wheel went. All of us, inside the hub. Small as mice, but large as men, if we were men, but we were but newts, bandaged and scraped from the wars. This, our current mode of travel, took us far, far to the outer shell of the river banks, the mossy coast, to defend the colonies against the onslaught of these links.

Tyson Murphy – I love the warmth and wonder Murph brings to a scene. The Disney paint exercises are particularly interesting.
Master Yoda – Yoda. Turns out he has the perfect bits of grunts and wisdom to throw into a trip hop mix, as the Eclectic Method show so well in their latest video.
Action Movie Kid – If you have a son and you’re a visual fx artist with Dreamworks, you would probably want to mix the two.
Centered – Wes Anderson films are not only memorable for their colorful characters and settings, but also for the brilliantly simple cinematography.
Hoffman – Learn piano? Sure, why not. This is the place to do it. 3 units, 60 lessons, all free.
Freebies – Loads and loads of web design resources, from themes and typeface to preloaders and menus. Thanks Rod.
Brackets – And one not in the mix above, but an absolute must have. An open-source text editor for coding. Even has a live preview. Thanks Adam.
Riptide – Some poppy, good newness from Vance Joy, likely to pretend you’re strumming a banjo or at least make you clap.
Patatap – I’ll leave you with this, as it’s likely to be the most fun you have for the next several hours or through the weekend. Tip: Type your name over and over again.


Friday Smackdown: Gangly Shape Layerers

14 Mar, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

Shape layers about and each one of them more gangly and lopsided than the next. Five were on my belly, constructing an asymmetric melody of skin grafts and gears. When they started it up, the gears twisted, the skin tightened and out oozed these links.

Laurent Durieux – Detailed recreations of movies, books posters and magazines in these rich and complex illustrations from the Brussels-based artist.
Plumb – An continuous vertical freehand digression. A Caleb Wood installation at the Prøve Gallery in Duluth, MN drawn right on the wall.
40 photos – Epicnesshunter shares 40 photos from the past that capture people, events and locations like you’ve never seen, well, until now.
Yawn science – What makes people yawn when they see you yawn? This tells you why and how sleep deprivation heats the brain.
Sarlacc Toilet – Because using the toilet can be much more fun and turning it into a Sarlacc pit is just they way to do it.
Project Skyborn – Nine minutes of breathable oxygen left. Incredibly done short about a man, trapped on a planet in a game of death.
What is Pi Anyway? – In celebration of Pi day, Make is running an excerpt from the book that breaks down the Raspberry Pi.
Colourblind – Elliott the Bull music video presented with highly animated, geometrically adept wood creature visuals.


Friday Smackdown: Patterned Cannon Crisps

07 Mar, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

The tartan sky bled patterned red and crisp the sound of cannons. We held the bank and then the city, dropped amidst the tents of rags. And past the mossy crags we sped, where silently they slumber, fifty milidroits, machined a poised, protecting all these links.

Isaac Hannaford – He’s got ships down, kicking out killer shuttles, characters and weapon designs. Thick lines and chunky shadows in a selection of his sketch concepts as well.
Sun Alive – The new album from Dallas-based duo Sun Alive. Listen to all the songs that are likely the tightest post-rock awesome you’ve ever heard.
Natural Dye – Easter is coming fast. Do away with the plastic and pricey consumerized colorants and go au naturel. Coffee, Red cabbage and more to add a little pop of woodsy hues.
March of Robots – What would March be without robots, plus a Kickstarter campaign that brings you the best of the awesome robot illustrations of DaCosta?
Space Replay – A floating ball that “explores and manipulates transitional public spaces with particular acoustic properties” …and so on.
Mesh wire – These are amazing. Seungmo Park uses mesh wire to create sculptures and layered pieces that work brilliantly to show the contour and detail of his scenes and subjects.
Robot heart – Kawehi does it with this superior reinterpretation of Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box from here new Kickstarter project.


Friday Smackdown: And the Punches Flew

21 Feb, 2014 by in NEWS

Long, drawn into the side of a cheek that was five inches of skin atop 20 inches of muscles. How many hits does it take to break a capillary in a giant of that size? It would have taken years if we hadn’t made it to the green–a lush landscape of vegetation and underground beasts known as Magellan Spikes. They could penetrate the skin, and did, lured out only with the Orb of Time and these links.

Simon Scales – Oz based cg artist with a knack for absorbing the outer layer of your soul into his rich, detailed environments.
Prog fonts – A group of highly legible fonts that are easy on eyes of any programmer soaking in the long, dry dark of the computer screen.
Rivver – Every person and every eye is shown behind a surface in 25 portraits of 25 stories about 25 people in 3 minutes, 8 seconds.
Dylan Toh – I’m not much for landscape photography, but Dylan could change my mind, capturing the serene, surreal and the exotic.
Dexter/Justice – If you know Dexter’s Laboratory and Justice music, you know this is just about the perfect mash-up.
Zim & Zou – Paper art sculptures from vitamins and food to birds and monsters. The colors they use just make it even better.
Deharme – A great set of Photoshop brushes that will help you add that extra little effect to your otherwise unbrushed work.
Wild Enough – a description of your upcoming weekend and also the name of this S-VHS delivered music video from Neighbors.


Friday Smackdown: When it Got Scary

14 Feb, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

When there were two of them, that’s when it got scary. We climbed. We climbed for what seemed four or five days. Both of them, at our feet, escaping appearance beneath the fog. All of them, their growls, their fur, their tentacles we would have the opportunity to slice off when our hands were not gripping the rock face. All of them, their growls and even more unnerving, these links.

Glennray Tutor – It’s not a photo. “Of course it’s a photo.” No, no it’s not. The wonderful color and photrealism of Glennray Tutor.
The Adventurists – Possibly the third or fourth best site on the internets. The latest tells all about the mongol derby.
Torggler Doors – They’re doors. Or are they works of art? Or are they both. He makes doors that seem to defy gravity and shows how they work. via. Thanks Butch.
Wrist woes – You’re probably using your mouse all wrong. This little tidbit from 99u shows you how it’s suppose to be done for pete’s sake.
Kendama Samurai – You may hear about it here for the first time and see it as well. This is a portrait of Iijima Hiroki, Kendama Samurai.
PolyFauna – New trippy app from Radiohead. Move around to look around. You can follow the red dot. You can get it on iOS and Android.
Waste of Time – Random music video intensity of the week. Mø with lots of head bops, a chainsaw, a painted house, a boa constrictor, a chair on fire and hair. Action packed.


Friday Smackdown: Scaly Checkbone

24 Jan, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

The scaly checkbone of an ancient mariner lay against the dusty cupboard door of the hold. Gripping the latch as if shackled to it, and shackled by flaking skin from bone it was. If the sight were any more picturesque, I would have thought twice of kicking the corpse away. And twice I should have thought. For what grabbed my ankle next, was a bony hand holding these links.

Jeffrey Veregge – ‘Art, Design, Mischief’ sum up Jeffrey’s illustration with doses of his Native AMerican tribal ancestry woven into superheroes, soldiers and iconic characters.
Respublika – Sweet slaps of san serif! If you’re into typefaces, you’ll love this. A super deal on the Vincens and Verlomme design you gotta get. Thanks Rod!
Guide to American Football – for liberal, ladies and limeys. The Superbowl is coming up. What better way to teach someone about football that with sweet animation voiced by two Southerners.
Loving Vincent – First ever feature length animation about Vincent Van Gogh using Vincent Van Gogh famous technique. Site and video about the project and why even do it.
Owl fish vs Squid – Deep sea creature battles are not so action packed, but how they fight is certainly interesting.
Metal Gear Ray – At 16.5″ with a 38″ wingspan and illuminated eyes/cockpit area, this is the Metal Gear you will want on your mantle.
Cicada Princess – You may remember the Cicada Princess from the Kickstarter campaign. Here is the final short in all of it’s glory.


Friday Smackdown: Cholbo Filtero

17 Jan, 2014 by in SMACKDOWN

Joined at the knees they rose, a purple haze amongst the thickets green and a pungent odor on the nose. Most steps were amiss, sliding and slipping against the roots roiling through the ruts. Then mist-enveloped, they appeared–a simple whistle, a lark and these links.

Andreas Preis‘Grow’ is just one project from Andreas that pulls curves with thick contours and patterns of color into your eye. Check out his other work too. Thanks Rod.
25 Most Important Maps – A blast from the 2013 with maps that explore everything from wealth and ethnicity to baby names and the economy of elephant poaching.
Ron Mueck Sculptures – Super crazy, super real sculptures of humans in their natural form–sleeping, lying about, generally looking decrepit and fabulous all at once.
Practical Typography – The book on it. Amazing in every way and practical as it states. Learn the rules in ten minutes and more about composition and formatting. Thanks Rod. via.
What does the spleen do – If ‘What Does the Fox Say’ was actually educational, or kind of educational. Nevertheless, a parody from the Harvard Medical School folk.
Russian Farm – Just wow. With a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and a 135mm lens, Elena Shumilova captures the lone, cold winter and soft summer days with sons and animals.
He-Man – Downloadable He-Man game, 80′s style baby! Includes He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Sorceress, and Battlecat with some killer 3D gameplay action.