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Friday Smackdown: 64 Potato Slaps

2 weeks ago

Side to side, once was all, and in the burrow it went. The clitter-clatter, putt and hull, were all the noises sent, through skin and fur, as if it heard…


Friday Smackdown: Tendril of Awesome

4 weeks ago

It reached deep, past the wharf, wrapping around bottle and bracken extending ever deeper into the Fog Gardens of Lern. More tendrils extended off of it as it passed, and…


Friday Smackdown: Creebo Strempit

1 month ago

A tall, lanky figure pulled dirt and mountain toward him with each step. Black straps and lanyards whipping the air around with the black shudder of atmospheric sound reaching ever…


Friday Smackdown: Feathery Mech Balls

2 months ago

Sticky, feathery little bundles with a smile. Yet, beneath their fluffy hull, lay a bony balls of stick and brier, shifting with mechanical steams that adjusted their grin and stepped…


Friday Smackdown: Charred Sheet Nester

2 months ago

Wrapped around the spindle spire, there dripped the water clear, a fear, and a reflection of the trees that grew, yet had not been seen. Sheets flapped above the nest,…


Friday Smackdown: Yarggle Brothx

2 months ago

Often, I think back on the days when the willows bloomed, stretching beneath their branches just before being devoured by a pack of crazed yarggle brothx, I think about skin…


Friday Smackdown: Spineshifter Shake n’ Bake

2 months ago

Once the details were ironed out, we put on the suits. The grate of the near the base of the ship’s portmast was the only opening we could find. Guarded…


Friday Smackdown: Tilt Shivel

2 months ago

The sieve was its arm, four of them, paws more like, scrapping splinters from the hall floor as it dragged itself toward us. Some would give up as this point….


Friday Smackdown: Sop Warfer

3 months ago

Each time there was a hiccup, more appeared. It was as if the stomach acids of the Sop Wharfer were capable of producing sop larvae with nothing but a recurring…