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A Brief Look at the Evolution of Product Design

4 days ago

Looking at incredible structures such as the Sphinx in Egypt or the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci’s self propelled cart, it’s even more impressive when you think about the rudimentary…


Optimizing the Design Process: When to Design Fast and Loose Versus by the Book

3 weeks ago

We live in a world full of amazing design software and hi-tech automated machines. These “tools” are designed to reduce design cycle times and leverage productivity. Companies spend a lot…


Carl Bass + Jon Hirschtick = CAD in The Cloud Interview of the Year

1 month ago

We managed to wrangle Jon Hirschtick (Founder and Chairman, Onshape) and Carl Bass (CEO, Autodesk) into answering the same six questions about CAD in the Cloud, including the ultimate, whiz-bang…


Onshape Released. Parametric 3D CAD in the Browser is Here.

2 months ago

After months of speculation, rumors and various tidbits surrounding “the future of CAD”, Onshape – the browser-based parametric CAD program that’s been in the works for years now – is…

SW Industrial Design_ParametricScreen_2

What We Learned at #SWW15 About SolidWorks Industrial Design

3 months ago

I was finally able to get a proper live demo of the new SolidWorks Industrial Design product at SolidWorks World 2015, and while we still lack some really critical information…


Welcome Back 3-Button Mouse. 3Dconnexion Announces the CadMouse.

3 months ago

Today, 3Dconnexion announce a new product. They’re not pucking around with another SpaceMouse, though, oh no. Today, they announce the CadMouse, which is less like a 3D Mouse, and more like your…


Monolith – Hybrid CAD Ushers in True Parametric Multi-Material Design

3 months ago

At only 12.7 MB, this new CAD package packs a punch! Although it may come with a bit of a steep learning curve, Monolith enables users to vary the quantity…


Pings from Above – Google Invests in SpaceX to Bring the Internet to All

3 months ago

Confirming rumors, SpaceX has announced that they will be receiving a hefty $900 million investment from Google to help push the internet into orbit with a myriad of satellites. At a valuation of…


New Morphi App Release Makes 3D Design on Your iPad Even Easier

3 months ago

Morphi is a free iPad app that allows users to quickly design and print items using touch alone; targeting younger people to inspire interest in design for all things 3D…