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Luxion KeyShot 5 Reviewed: A Faster and Leaner Addition to the Product Designer’s Toolkit

6 days ago

When it comes to rendering a 3D model, there are generally two directions one could go in: a drag and drop solution or a fine-tuned custom solution with more dials…


Autodesk Brings Cloudy CAM Power To Fusion 360

2 months ago

If you have been with us, tracking the growth of Autodesk’s cloud-based CAD platform Fusion 360, we have some more good news for you. After the last update that brought…


Foam for Thought: Examining CNC Foam Milling and Appreciating the Work Behind It

7 months ago

3D modelers of both the engineering and artistic flavors can probably agree that seeing the realization of their digital models is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job….


3-Sweep: Create 3D-Editable Objects from a Single 2D Photo or Sketch

10 months ago

As we all know, getting from 2D to 3D in various CAD packages has typically involved importing multiple sketches, centering at the origin of the XYZ, and building out from…


Need to Hit ‘Refresh’? 10 Great Free Resources for Product Design Students and Professionals

10 months ago

Stepping back into the school routine after a summer of endless squirt gun fights, milk chugging competitions, and road trips to obscure Route 66 destinations can be hard…we’ve been there….

EngineerVsDesigner: E71 – PTC Live Global 2013 Special Edition

1 year ago

Well folks, this week we’ve been in Anaheim, California for this year’s 2013 PTC Live Global event. We had a chance to sit down with Brian Thompson, VP Product Management,…

marketing-graphic-zspaceautomotive-01 copy

The zSpace Display: A Real Hands-on 3D Experience

2 years ago

Okay, I admit. It’s more like a ‘Pen-on’ experience, but you get the idea. Why point and click on a model with a mouse on an ol’ 2D screen when…

Precision M6700 Mobile Workstation

Dell Unleashes the Mobile Workstation Wrath: New M4700 and M6700 Are Here

2 years ago

We’re mobile. We want to be more mobile. Dell is unleashing their latest business class device with the new and improved Precision Mobile Workstations. With the release of the M4700,…

Penrose on Printer

The 3D Remix Economy, Part II

2 years ago

While watching the tweets from SEU 2012, Mark Burhop tweeted from a seminar on 3D Printing, “All this new #3Dprinting technology needs designs – “Great day to be a CAD person!” #seu12. But is…