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Note/Warning: If you are looking into the purchase of this printer, be warned. The manufacturer has not delivered. Please read the comments below the article, before making a decision to send your money to Sumpod.

Fantastic technology has been cooking up on the other side of the pond. I’m talking specifically about the SUMPOD 3D printer. The desktop printer is designed, built and sold by Richard Sum of Sutton-in-Ashfield, UK. Another addition to the family of RepRap derived 3D printers, the SUMPOD features quite a few additions not found among its brethren. For instance, it features an attachment for a Dremel allowing light CNC routing and… get this, PCB making. One more step closer to self-replicating every part for another 3D printer. Amazing.

SUMPOD 3D printer

The SUMPOD features the latest RAMPs and Arduino Electronics, MDF frame construction, SD card slot, LCD screen and a respectable 150 x 150 x 100 mm print volume. Originally, Mr. Sum was selling the SUMPOD via funding rounds on Indiegogo. It is now available for $565 plus shipping at sumpod.com. And soon, a larger SUMPOD will be available for preorder, featuring an impressive 300 x 250 x 200 mm print volume.

Now, these are all kits – no pre-built SUMPODs for sale yet. But fear not, the SUMPOD is backed with plenty of documentation. The instructions are incredibly detailed, with videos and pictures covering every aspect. There’s a robust wiki, thorough troubleshooting page and a healthy forum. SUMPOD has been designed to be expandable – a new dual extruder is available for pre-order right now. Hell, you can even choose your very own colour!

The SUMPOD seems like a great printer and a worthwhile buy for the DIY-er who would love to have a little CNC machine to boot and would also appreciate some detailed help putting it all together. I think the whole CNC/3D printing combination is RAD, with a capital R.A.D. Add or Subtract as you please!

Hat tip to Renaissance Engineer for Images.

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  • Bart Yzewijn

    I’ve been checking out the Maxifab 3D Printer on Kickstarter, it looks promising! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1642112198/maxifab-3d-printing-framework

  • Tommaster

    Looks ok. I like the new aluminium prebuilt version.

  • Richard SUM is a CHEATER. He ripped me 350$!!

    Danger: Richard SUM is a faker and a cheater.

    The story: I bought a Basis Kit on indiegogo.com.
    I paid on 18.July 2012 $350,– USD over paypal.
    He send every week a mail that the delivery takes one more week.

    On 30.Aug i cancel the sale and he promised me sending my money
    back within 5-7 days.
    Every week i ask for my money and the say that the transfer from his
    bank account to paypal takes one more days.
    Now that is 1 month ago. He didn´t answer me on my last mails.

    I think he is a faker. He waits so long, that your paypal customer security runs out
    and you have no chance to get your money back.

    Be careful and don´t buy something from him!!

  • Whoa crazy. I’m going to follow up on this… thanks!

  • Simon6825

    I paid in June 2012 and still waiting for my printer, have emailed him and spoken to him but still no printer. Not looking good. I wonder how many other SumPod customers are out there waiting for their 3D Printers. If you go to the SumPod site and go to the Buy Tab he is still selling printers with a 2 to 4 week lead time on a new printer! Might need to call trading standards about this.

  • richard sum refunds me my money in oktober.
    he said that all was a misunderstanding.

  • Awesome – im glad to hear that.

  • Artyom

    Waiting for the printer in April, now to my letters, he was not responding. I plan to submit it to the court

  • Anton Fosselius

    we ordered in september, there have been some production delays with suppliers, but everything seams to work for them now. We got our ALU printer today, ordered in Oct.

  • Simon6825

    Have spoken to Richard several times now about my printer and I have full comfordence in him and his company now. I understand that due to the large amount of printers that he got orders for, the supply issues and quality of some parts have pushed back the production and delivery of the printers.
    I hope this year everything goes as planned for him and SumPod and his suppliers are capible of providing high quality parts. As the plans Richard has for new development of printers is really pushing this area of printing and producing high spec and quality printers.
    Lets all wish him and SumPod great success for the coming future.
    Simon D

  • Good to hear Simon, thanks for the update.

  • Anthony Franco

    I am in the same boat – purchased in July 2012 and he will not ship the printer, has denied a paypal refund, and has started ignoring my emails…

  • Annoyed

    it’s not prebuilt and it comes with no assembly instructions and what makes it worse is that they don’t actually have any assembly instructions

  • UTR

    Richard at sumpod is a complete rip off merchant I am one of many users who after 5.5months and spending £950 still don’t have a printer I am taking legal action avoid him like the plague you don’t need to take my word for it just google him you will find loads of complaints

  • ted

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING 6 months for my printer and Richard seems to be messing me about. I wouldn’t bother buying a SUMPOD as it is more hassle than its worth.

  • alex900000

    Hay my name is alex and i have had the same thing happen to me and my friend, and we are planing to take him to court. it has been 1 year and 5 weeks since we payed him. He sent us a printer that didn’t work then we spoke to him to sort it out, so he got us to pay him more to get a better printer and he just never sent it. please get back to me if you feel the same way. we have gathered so many people with the same mind set. thank.

  • Jules Berdecia

    Folks. Sumpod is a scam. What reputable person with morals tells his customers over and over again that the package is on the way just to find out that the Interparcel tracking number never goes past Booked. I wired Richard Sum over $3300 for a Sumpod Mega April 2013.
    It is now April 2014 and I have yet to have the Sumpod Mega. His last E-mail to me, on April 6th, was to assure me that he personally dropped off the package at the Depot for Interparcel. That didn’t occur as evidenced by the status of the tracking number still being on Booked. Don’t be fooled by his website stating that he is caught up with the orders. He must be running low on Pub funds and needs to sucker more people to replenish it.

  • Angryredhead

    Hi Jules, Please contact either myself 07795274633 or Alex in the post below 07830033433 as we are in the same situation as you. We are part of a group of people who have been ripped off by Richard Sum and would love for you to join our fight to bring him down so he can no longer rip people off. I look forward to hearing from you. If you are outside of the uk please reply here and I will contact you directly.

  • Jules Berdecia

    I live in the U.S. Have you ever gone down to see his shop or products? His Website was, and still is, deceptive. How could he be all caught up with the backlog when our orders are part of that backlog and our purchases haven’t been delivered. If you could, include me in as a complainant when going to the authorities. I can provide the bank transaction,… and E-mails as evidence. We need to flood YouTube with our evidence of his deception. I’m sure we all have a huge paper trail that can send this guy and his daughter (If she even exists) to jail. There is no free lunch. I worked for that money.

  • Angryredhead

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. I’m sorry that you have also been deceived. I had a conversation with Richard again yesterday and he is still convinced that he will deliver our printer and that I am harassing him and bothering him by contacting him! I am sure if we all club together we can bring him to justice. If you could email me your details to lisa@ahandfulofcolour.com I will add you to the ever growing list that I am passing on in updates to Action fraud. His website is very deceiving, still stating that the mega unit is in stock and quoting a 3 -4 week delivery but can’t give new prospective customers a location to see one in action anywhere in the UK inviting people to visit his unit when he builds the next lot. Surely there must be 1 happy customer that can showcase his product?!? I guess not! Thanks again for joining the campaign to see this man where he deserves to be.

  • Jules Berdecia

    Sure thing. I will compile the evidence and send it to you as soon as possible. Let’s do this and stop him! In quoting our late President Lincoln, “You can fool some of the people some of the time… You can fool all of the people some of the time… but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.