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A little dose of inspiration for your Monday. Can a spark be part of another spark? It most certainly can, especially when it comes to small fires, curiosity and that little thing called ‘an idea.’

Behind Every Great Idea (or Design)

There’s something that sparks that idea. This slick looking poster created by share and learn site Skillshare absolutely nails it. I want to buy this poster and hang it in my kid’s room… But hang it out of reach with the bottom portion covered so they’re curious as to what the rest of it says. Evil papa? I think not! Would they build something to climb up and uncover it or throw each other’s toys at it till it fell? Either way, it’s sure to give them ideas about how to reveal the rest.

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  • ion

    Also, getting basic out of the way as soon as possible; fire burns, knives cut, gravities persistent, pain is good, food comes from the earth not from the store, without your health you have nothing.

    And most important! tell children the truth, wonderment is a childs greatest asset and should be a life long attribute, stop adding ridiculous traditions and filler and give them a straight answer from both a faith and evidenced based perspective, be accurate and thorough with your answer, if you don’t know the answer learn it together, after all, time is past, wonderment and curiosity is now, imagination is future.

  • Josh M

    Well said. needs to be a poster.